In the world of technology, communication tools had made the world looks small with smartphones, Facebook or Twitter. 2 weeks ago, our Malaysian giant telecommunication provider Telekom Malaysia Berhad, a youth service platform celebrated their 1st anniversary with fresh new look as well as with new cool features and applications.

EC anniversary (2)

With their main features got such a good response from the youth on their very new platform where fans will be able to interact within their own communities, send greetings to one another, listen to music, view sporting events and movies as well as participate in more interactive and upcoming events.

The anniversary celebration event was graced by Dato’ Sri Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Group Chief Executive Officer of TM, Rozalila Abdul Rahman, Chief Marketing Officer, TM and Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President, Consumer, TM. Do watch out for Bunkface as they will be feature in the site section too.

EC anniversary (3)

Having reading so much of the cool features, I directly log onto the new website and it definitely sure do impress me with the flash. While loading, a cool cartonic flash in rocket giving us a ride all the way there. . .


After loading to the main page, we get to choose 2 character, for a guy and girl then key in your name.


Let’s welcome you to The World of Everyone Connects. With many people are in there area, and control key to navigate your character or to chat and make friends in here, much pretty cool heh!


Besides chatting, we can access into many area in this world with Jamming Garage area to click on, where you can get all the information on Bunkface, listen to their songs, and exchange information.


Crazy movie people like me, Sini Maa is the ideal place for me that can watch highlights movie trailers and videos available on Hypptv (UniFi), and (web channels), some acting reality program sponsored by TM.


I know there are a lot of Manchester United football fans out there that TM net had collaborate with ManU on Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner of Manchester United in Malaysia where you can access to showcase news, highlights, interviews and videos from Manchester United TV or MUTV. For fans who would like to critic or support your team, there are also a chartroom available.

It started all on 2009 and now for this campaign, do drop by and visit their cool site that had turn to a better features and you can just access it and check it out yourself. . . For further details on TM, visit


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