Traveling is fun and yet there a few types of travelers. Budget, luxury, adventurous and it ends up to which group of friend that you are traveling with. I have traveled to numerous location over past years and constantly I ended up as a planner for the group of friends that I am traveling with.

Start off with a simple trip up north with a group of friends like Penang, Most of us will turn into web portals to check out best location to stay, eat or hang out, even I have to understand the group of friends I am traveling with to cater onto the group characteristics. It is down to location of accommodations and also activities that they are intended to do on that trip. For a 2 nights accommodation, this is what I have come up with.

The Edision hotel (1)

To stay at The Edision Hotel which is one of the latest heritage boutique hotel that just open its door 2 months ago. Nice hotel and 5 star for its locality.

Penang (2)

As for the last night, some of them requested to look for budget place and I introduce them to House of Journey where it is indeed a budget hostel with great service. The place is run with some travelers who work as a volunteer to upkeep the place, a place where you get to meet travelers around the region. Comfort room and classic.

Penang (3)

To hunt for food, both locations are located strategically as it is only only 5-10 minutes walk away to hit onto famous street food that operates at night. One of them is Red Garden that is located right infront of The Edision Hotel.  Besides that, it is also located to a well known drinking joint that is popular to many backpackers is Antarabangsa where you get 3 cans of beer for RM 10. A place also known for getting to know travelers around the region.

Penang (4)

During the day, Penang is well known for its heritage zone which both accommodations are located at. You can rent bicycles to travel around as a lot attractions are just 10 minutes cycling away. Attractions will be such as 3-D Art museum, murals paintings and museums.

Penang (5)


Penang (6)

Looking for accommodations in a trip is also very equally important as it always depending on the travel group preference. I found some travel tips from Expedia Interactive Map where the sites suggest where to go places for your end destination.


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