I was off to Alor Setar for Kedah Fashion Week 2019 and of course food hunting comes in the top priority list. Of course not to miss out this famous Chinese Nasi Lemak Ong at Alor Setar. To some KL folks here, you might know this brand in Pavilion as their second branch is located right at level 8, Pavilion Elite, is actually one of my favourite shop too.

Nasi Lemak Ong (1)

So to us, why is this called Nasi Lemak which it is so similiar to Nasi Kandar. I learn that it is actually their term of calling it. Nasi Lemak in Kedah = Nasi Kandar to us. Hence to me, there is this slight confusion when I see it.

Best of all, Nasi Lemak Ong is quite unique as I got curious and ask the owner himself, how he establish this business. It was just a pure passion of him, as he went to learn from his Indian friends on cooking curries 35 years ago. Since then Nasi Lemak Ong is born and over the years he improvise each of the curries.

I also found out that Nasi Lemak Ong at Pavilion is actually manage by his son. I did also ask him why the taste is different from here. He said sourcing of ingredients is different and more expensive compare to Alor Setar. Now I know why!

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I read up a few post that, we must come here early, or be prepare to queue. I was here at 11am for early brunch. The smell of curry aroma just poke through my nose and was salivating while taking the picture.

Nasi Lemak Ong (3)

I ask what is his signature, everything is his best. Depending what I like.

Nasi Lemak Ong (4)

Nasi Lemak Ong (5)

Just look at the colour of the curries. Just loving it.

Nasi Lemak Ong (6)

Nasi Lemak Ong (7)

so my usual, I pick Salted egg, Cuttlefish, Lamb and veggie @ RM 12. I think the price is decently price as got lamb and cuttlefish. Of course need to drench all mix curries to flood it.

Over here was given an option, spicy or non spicy. Of course will pick the mix of spicy. The mix gravy comes in 6 different types of gravy at the side.

Nasi Lemak Ong (8)

Love the curries, aromatic, punch with flavour of spices and the spicy is really spicy. I was eating till sweating and need to order another drink after that. Indeed it is quite different from Pavilion outlet as the original outlet of Nasi Lemak Ong on Kedah is definitely top notch.

For KL folks, my personal thought that we can enjoy it as it is about 85% quite similar to the original branch.

Nasi Lemak Ong (10)


Then uncle also share with me how many local coverage and international coverage he had gotten over the years. So if you are in Alor Setar, I think this is a must drop by as for Chinese Nasi Kandar or a recommended pit stop by me as this uncle pass with flying colours. Also the uncle serve this Pork Free as my Malay friends also can enjoy it. I am not too sure is there any others in the area and if there is do share with me.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, Lurve it, I like~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restaurant Nasi Lemak Ong
24, Jalan Putra,
Bandar Alor Setar,
05100 Alor Setar, Kedah

Operating Hours : 10am – 3.30pm
(close Wednesday)

tel: 04-733 7895


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  1. Wonderful! You try the original nasi lemak Ong. It is my childhood nasi lemak.. Actually Alor Setar is a mini food paradise, many nice food to find. This is just one of them!

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