Back to basic, where this was a random hunt that I brought my ex colleague back to a place that I constantly used to crave for my fried fritters or this famous Goreng Pisang. This little food truck that sits right infront of Pelita SS2, is one one of a stall that you would love to hunt for simple snacks. Being around for quite a while and now her son is assisting in continuing the business.

ss2 goreng pisang (1)

Constantly pack with people, where queue were rather fast, as 2 auntie are taking care on their own station to serve customers. Price per piece is ranging from RM 0.80 – RM 2.50 (depending of the fresh produce for the season)

ss2 goreng pisang (2)

ss2 goreng pisang (3)

These are all classic snacks that I used to eat alot when I was at Penang and its hard to find a nice stall in KL. I find this quite suitable to my liking.

ss2 goreng pisang (4)

ss2 goreng pisang (5)

I love this alot, as this homemade potato kuih have the nice fragrant that I used to miss. Soft and aromatic.

ss2 goreng pisang (6)

What to hunt for in this stall is their usual fried banana fritters, their potato kuih, Kuih kodok, and any of your favourite that you can just pick from the basket.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, favourite street snacks~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Stall along Jalan SS2/64
(right infront of Pelita Nasi Kandar)

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday : 11.00am – 5.30pm (till finish)
(Monday Close)


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  1. interestingly i find their goreng pisang stall in 1U taste nicer than the food truck in SS2

    • will give it a try at their 1u stalll. did know they have 1 there.

      thanks for the heads up

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