Jay Fai is regard as one of the best legendary street food you can get in Bangkok which is famous for Jay Fai Crab Omelette. I am sure many of you know this place after watching Netflix. I was checking is Jay Fai actually Michelin Star Street Food in Bangkok. I guess no cuz I did not see any sticker or I could have miss out.

I visited this place June 2022 and the queue is crazyyy!! Please do spend half a day here and do have patience.

This is also one most expensive ever Breakfast.

jay fai waiting timeThe queue starts as early as 7am and Jay Fai Operates at 9am.

Purely base on walk in – no longer accept reservations/ emails

Michelin-starred street foodWhat I learn during the process and let me share with all of you.

Side note: Jay Fai Average queue waiting time is 3-5 hours. 

For Malaysians, I personally think you can skip this place for such waiting time and there are other places offer similar food, shorter waiting time. 
jay fai bangkok

What I learn from the locals is that, the first thing you see is this list. There will be a list place on the table for you to get a queue number.

She operates on 2 session and at times depending on mood, 3rd session will be open up (that will be your lucky day) with total give out numbers is only 50. Regardless you are 1 pax, 2 pax, 1 number = 1 table.

Session 1: 9am – 2pm (50 number) – best advise to reach before 9am to safely get a number. I reach at 9am and was no.22 – eating time was 12.15pm (that day she delayed 1 hour to start cooking)

Session 2: 3pm – 7pm (50 number)

Session 3: Bonus 7pm – 9pm (depending on her operations)
jay fai opening hoursjay fai menu 2022Jay Fai Menu Bangkok 2022 as I capture.

The trick is do not rush the old lady manning the front counter. Once your number is called like as below: They will hand you the menu, just look thru and once know what you want to order, the lady will eventually come to you to take order. No need to head over to rush her to place order.

only 2 numbers will be called at the same time.

jay fai priceThere will be 1 lady manning at the table and once the number is fully given out, the sign is clearly stated there, DO NOT WAIT as wait list is full!

Okay allow me to explain why only 50 seats available from my observation and I might be wrong:

    1. Only Jay Fai is the main cook that cook nearly 90% of the dishes
    2. Small eatery with mostly like 10 tables capacity.
    3. If she takes in more crowd, she can only cook so much and waiting time will be longer
    4. She is already 78 years old. Do have patience with the lady if you want foodJay FaiOne person can do so much. So running F&B is not easy. I see alot people curse there why she runs her business like this especially Malaysians and Singaporeans after their disappointment could not get a number.


This is her legendary stove. Super well season and look at the colour of the stove. just amazing. She use charcoal to cook all her food and that is why taste different. Locals share with me, that she buy all her ingredient fresh and mostly reach at 7am to her store and start to prep.jay fai bangkok menuorange juicejay fai famous crab omelette

Signature Crab Meat Omelette1200 Bhat (RM 150)
jay fai signature food

This is certainly not disappointing. A whole omelette STUFF with fresh crab meat and its the kind chunky, not the small nibs. Fresh meat and omelette is just not too bad. Indeed do lift to the expectation of her own signature dish. just look at picture below. 1 Big chunky crab meat.

fresh crab

crab fried rice

As I saw alot people order this Crab Frid Rice (Khao Phad) @ 800 bhat (RM 99) and last minute I decided to add on my order. I thought with her flaming charcoal fire would give alot of wok hei. I guess it turns out kinda normal.

(sorry I am comparing to those Hong Kong egg fried rice/ Malaysian egg fried rice) – wok hei.

famous street food in bangkok

Not a big portion, and enough to share for 3 pax if you are ordering alot of food.

thai street food

jay fai drunken noodle

This was highly recommended by Jay – Fai Daughter, she is one of the helper  at the counter. Drunken Noodle Prawn (Phad Kee Mao Talay) @ 600 bhat (RM 75)

This is kinda unique as cook with wide flat noodle and texture is slightly chewy. Rich with prawn flavour and top with 3 big fresh prawns. A bit with wok hei and have to it eat fast while it is serve hot. Once it is cold, the flavor become flat and more towards salty end.
tomyum gung

when reach Thailand, Tomyum automatically is a must order. Prawn Tomyum Goong @ 800 bhat (RM 99). I guess everyone have different palate and what I can taste is mild sour and head towards saltiness.

Not my kind of Tomyum Goong I am expecting for Bangkok standard. Can skip this order as not worth it



My overall bill for 4 dishes is at 3,400 bhat (RM 420) : Okay my own summary:

  1. Very expensive kind of street food – not worth the waiting time of 3-5 hours. You can spend time on other Bangkok street food.
  2. Food overall is kinda okay (Recommended to order : Drunken Noodle and Crab Omelette)
  3. Have to travel here by Taxi/ Grab – no nearby public transportation.

Do not put expectations to dine here. Go with an open mind as every cook have their own style of cooking. Have fun waiting and enjoy her food as she is very old already. Most probably another 3-5 years.

Jay Fai Cuisines Bangkok
327 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat,
Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Operating Hours :
Wed – Sun : 9am – 2pm/ 4pm – 7pm

Closed : Monday/Tues


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  1. Looks very interesting indeed but for that price & wait time I think I’m probably gonna give this a miss. lol.

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