Chicken rice is a very common food in our country. I am sure every one do have their very particular chicken rice stall including my best friend Ken. I found out that whenever his favourite stall is, its sure sardin pack, well hidden and of course expensive. Well, Restaurant Choon Yien or known as James Chicken Rice is no stranger to many foodie and despite I work nearby I did not know this place is famous for chicken rice till my friend curse me how could I not know. .

Choon Yien (1)

For most of famous place there are only 2 types of service you getting. One is super good or excellent near to first class service or another type is bad. This place certainly fell to errrr .. . Special case. This place is very well known for the boss being very ” lansi ” (snobbish) as he will scold his customer if :

1) they do not order properly

2) no patience you can leave

3) Please wait your turn

4) Please do not double order as I am still young and have good memory. You will make my process line Jam

the list goes on. Most customers will turn off or just walk away when the cook or server is like that but this place is very unique as despite people being scold including you are DATO, Tan Sri or who every is still same treatment yet keep coming as you can see branded cars park nearby.

Choon Yien (2)

Here comes our order, as the rice is fragrant. . .

Choon Yien (3)

Salted, spicy sour vegie soup is well balance with sourness of veggie that do not overpower the dry chili and asam skin cook along to tone it down. Nice~

Choon Yien (4)

I cannot deny that this stall here definately have one of the best char siew with lean meat being cut in between and can you see the balance of fat in between the meat is just as I love it. Caramelize edge with slightly burnt is something that I enjoy alot~ Recommended!

Choon Yien (5)

Chicken meat is pretty decent as what makes it good is the soy sauce base that the chicken had roast then soak along that make it good. Mix with its fragrant rice is just perfect not to miss their own chicken rice chili which is not too spicy and little sourish end is just the right combination.

Chicken rice is cheap in most kopitiam but not this stall. Total damage per head on that day is RM20 and being price at that way, it had shot up to first spot in my list for being the most expensive Chicken Rice stall.

You have to reach here early as stuff here sold out pretty fast. Best advise reach before 12.30pm and Char SIew is very limited per day. Most of them call in to reserve!

Remark: is it best advise not to visit here if you do not have the patience or got scolded by James. That is how he is~


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, love the Char Siew~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restoran Choon Yien
CG-1, Happy Mansion Apartments
Jalan 17/13
Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya

11 am to 1 pm

Mr. James – 016-2809043

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  1. Pls dont waste your money. Lansi alright and average chicken rice.

  2. Do not waste your money and time going there! Lansi to the MAX …. ALL workers, not only boss!! Char siew the fattest I’ve had in a long while…..Goes to show their quality is dropping like crazy especially if you do not reserve earlier! Walk-ins are treated second class! Leave them be with their call-in customers only and let the shop look empty when they actually do Not have any call-in customers that day!

    • Why do you say Lansi ? My friends and I have been going there frequently and all staff including the indon lady and chinese uncle are very friendly always serving everyone on their best ability in lieu of the crowd that prong the shop daily. The boss is just busy and looks lansi but he is just very busy cutting his meats.

      • hi Lee,

        this article was way back in 2012 and the service i got was pretty lansi.
        not too sure about now . . glad that you guys enjoy the place

  3. Valerie Melling Reply

    the best chicken rice would be at sec 17 but at the Restoran Hong Sng !!!!

  4. James is not the boss and yet u guy simply accuse and didn’t do ur homework well….anyway James no longer working there. And pls do ur homework and find our the facts before posting ur post …thx

    • Hi Allez,

      i think my expression of details make you confuse. I mention boss, did not mention WHO is da boss nor James is the boss. My friends just call it James Chicken Rice. At that moment, that was the encounter I had – for twice my experience back in year 2012 and never return back since then.

      if your encounter was 2017 then that would be different unless the fact you are telling me is back in 2012 fact.

      Thanks for commenting

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