Street food! Who is in for comfort street food. A simple reason, this place that just operate JUST 6 months is making a huge waves of virality over social media. This makes them the Famous Mama Mee 夜宵食堂 @ Kepong Baru, KL is one of the stall to hunt for in the area. Making bee line right before it opens is already worrying, not to mention if you reach dinner time and do prepare to wait for about 30-6o minutes for a table.

One of a famous food in Thailand or making it a must have Thai Street food food whenever visiting that country. With a clever mimic from Thailand, this had made them one of a  famous tomyum noodle in KL.

Mama Mee Kepong (1)

I was told by my colleague to visit here early and I am in kiasu mood today. I reach at 6.20 pm as the store operates sharp at 6.30pm. Moments into 6.35pm, BOOM! the shop is full and when the clock hits 7pm, the queue is forming up.

Mama Mee Kepong (2)

Mama Mee Kepong (15)

Menu is pretty direct as there are a mix of street Italian and Thai and the price is indeed very reasonable.

Mama Mee Kepong (14)


Mama Mee Kepong (3)

For a classic Thai mama noodle, it must topped with an egg yolk, mine got 2 because I ordered 2 pax portion. Which turns out to be quite big portion. This is not your usual single pack of mee mama but it is the big pack of Mama noodle. 2 pax means 2 packet at one serving.

Mama Mee Kepong (4)

Mama Mee Kepong (5)

Mama Mee Kepong (6)

Because I had a few meals today and only decided to order MAMA Noodle with Meatballs @ RM 12.80 (for 2 pax) – single pax is RM 7.80. 

Mama Mee Kepong (8)

This is pretty obvious that the soup is cook by themselves as at home we could not cook such a big batch. Soup is pretty good, where resembles the powder of mama noodle, and the soup do taste a little sweet, sourish as it needs and not too spicy, which I felt it is just right that many of non spicy eater can accept too. A pretty generic bowl of noodle soup.

Mama Mee Kepong (9)

I failed at cooking this noodle at home and with their huge fire, they cooked about 45-1min before taking it out. Making the noodle very springy and just perfect!

Mama Mee Kepong (12)

Meatball is done to perfection. I felt that it is homemade, as the meatball did not roll up too dense, yet a bit airy in between and cook to just right. Not too hard yet soft and juicy. A hint of strong white pepper taste is prominent even the taste of tom-yum is pretty solid already.

Mama Mee Kepong (13)

Topping egg yolk into it is to make it more creamy and after mixing the whole bowl, it will tone down the spiciness and the soup turns slightly creamy.

Mama Mee Kepong (16)

A simple meal that will knock you off. A flavour that will makes you satisfy. I am good with this. A famous street food in Kepong.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good. pretty good and decently price -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Mama Mee 夜宵食堂 @ Kepong Baru
Jalan Kepong Baru,
Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
(Same row as Kei Tak Sek-Kepong) 2 mins walk

Operating  hours: 6.30pm – 12am

Location 2:
Blk P/B 111, Jalan Kaskas (Jalan Kaskas)
56100 Kuala Lumpur, KL



  1. This is now getting famous but we’ve been having mama mee at home for decades kan? Last time mom brought from Hatyai wan. stim.

  2. As someone who cooks and appreciates real food, it was a shock to me to hear that there’s a popular restaurant serving instant noodles! MAMA Mee yah manjung Restaurant, or known as Ye Xiao Canteen attracts crowds! Sure enough, the noodles eaten at Ye Xiao time are better than those eaten at any other time.

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