I have encounter quite number of Melaka famous pork satay and till I am not too sure which is the better ones. However, this was one of the most recent one that was recommended and it was by luck we reach early and got a spot immediately. Pork Satay at Lung Aun Kopitiam which just only a street away from Jonker street is one of a coffee shop you should drop by if you are moving around by foot.

Lung Aun Kopitian (1)

Lung Aun Kopitian (2)

A kopitiam that is well known for their Pork Satay and their classic servings of toast from the coffee owner themselves.

Lung Aun Kopitian (3)

This are the only choices for you to hunt for and upon ordering, average waiting time can be 15 minutes – 60 minutes depending on your luck as there are quite number or order for take away.

Lung Aun Kopitian (4)

Lung Aun Kopitian (5)

Lung Aun Kopitian (6)

While waiting for your satay, you can order the kopitiam famous kopi and their toast set which is quite similiar to Penang by using charcoal as the base for toast bread.

Lung Aun Kopitian (7)

We were told by one of the regular, it used to be much better as they do not serve with the plastic egg mug for the egg to cook, where they used to use the silver cans and pour hot water in it. Toast here are serve very flat with their home version of bread, along by spreading with homemade kaya and butter.

Lung Aun Kopitian (8)


Our order is serve with pig intestine and their classic pork series. One great flavours in their item is their peanut sauce. Its fragrant with mild peanut and taste a bit with their special spices where topping with their chilli oil enhance it.

Lung Aun Kopitian (9)

What I have read in many blogs that this satay stall, opens whenever they feels like it. To hunt for this shop and they are open, means it is fated for you to dine in. Most of the people purposely travel here for their satay and the old couple that I share table with, both of them finish 60 sticks. That’s crazy.

According to them (the old couple), in the morning, this shop also well known for their fish head bee hoon where the noodle is home made by the uncle himself and the flavors had maintain since the first day they had it. His business hours is from 7am-9am or 10am only. Will come back to try that. 


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , nicee, for a porkie stall and the peanut saucee Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lung Ann Refreshments
807, Lorong Hang Jebat
75200 Melaka

Tel: 012-258 2972

Business hours: 11am to 5pm (while stock last)

GPS coordinates: N 2 11.753 E102 14.961



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