Fifty Six Degree Scotch Whisky

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When I first saw this whisky in a magazine and I was looking high and down for its brand in both our KLIA and KLIA 2 airport when I was travelling. To much disappointed it is not available and one point that make me look for high and low is because is a Malaysian own company that have purchase this whisky yard in Scotland. FIFTY SIX DEGREES Whisky, can be consider a new whisky brand in town. It is a Scotch blended whisky, consisting of single malts and a single-grain whisky, aged in American bourbon oak casks and finished in sherry casks. Distilled and  blended in Scotland by Ian Macleod Distillers, and then shipped to Malaysia to be bottled.

More of them at their website – Fifty Six Degrees
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The night kick off with simple cocktail  ..

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Their soup never disappoints as the Double boiled Village Chicken Soup with Apricot Kernels and Snow Pear is pungent in taste as snow pear do lift up the sweet end of it.  I wish I can have another bowl.

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Spice Roast Suckling Pig is irristable. It is even better when we have whisky on hand as this have a little twist in it to go along with whisky with its little spices to bring the aroma of whisky out. Pretty good stuff. No doubt that roast pig is done to perfection that meat is soft and skin is perfect and crips.

Surprise me is that they have this Chilled Ambarella Juice Shooter served as the palate cleanser after the spice roast pig.

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During our dinner, we were pamper with great classic Chinese music.
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Yin Yang Estuary Tiger Grouper. Grilled with caramelized onion and sauteed with XO sauce, celery and apple. Done in 2 different method.

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This dish amaze every one as it is consider pretty luxury as on the plate we have braised abalone, together with a whole piece of sea cucumber stuffed with tuna and wanton

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For dessert we have Chilled Layered Dessert of Black Sesame, Mango and Fresh Milk, Mini Pumpkin Dumpling with sweet potato and cheese, and the Sweet Corn Bun sprinkled with Cocoa Powder. Interesting combination.

At RM1,888 nett per table, you get a chinese banquet and TWO bottle of 56 Degrees as the promo is on running.


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