Fish Farm Thai Restaurant During New Year Eve, whole group of my best friend came down to KL to celebrate and then since they started to know I blog about food and they had arrange the dinner to be somewhere unique and dalam dalam. When they told me about the location of the restaurant I ponder a while, keep recalling what are they talking about and Google through it, there are a few bloggers mention about this place most of them without address. When got the address from them I was like haaaaa…middle of nowhere. On the way there, it took me a few guessing and turning before reaching this place and only I realize that, Ampang Lookout Point is just there. (then only I realise that, the recent outing of Thai food seems to have unique locations and ambience)

Vegie Fish Farm

If you head from Ampang, you will pass through Lookout Point and proceed further down around 500m-800m, on your right you will see this small gate. That is where to turn in which is a private property. Then will have to drive through about 5 mins with the rocky and non tar road up and downhill till you reach this very huge parking space and farms around.

Vegie Fish Farm (2)

This is how the location of the Thai restaurant looks like, build with wood planks above the ponds that filled with fish Koi. If you have phobia of the wood planks broke then you can be seated on this very hard solid ground.

Vegie Fish Farm (3)

It looked like a mini village and its sure impressive when I saw it.

Vegie Fish Farm (4)

The place that where they prepare the desert.

Vegie Fish Farm (5)

Vegie Fish Farm (6)

As I am the last one to reach, I got punish with this glass. I thought it was Barley but to my surprise that when I about to drink it, it smells so weird and the first sip, my face smirk till cant event see my eyes. It taste so awful and only learn that it is ‘Tody’ which is known as alcoholic drinks from coconut. This cup of drink definately not my type but my friend enjoys it alot. Small-RM 5

Vegie Fish Farm (7)

Menu offering variety of Thai food.

Vegie Fish Farm (9)

To dine with them, we will always not miss our very good buddy, Carlsberg, without them the meal wont be perfect.

Vegie Fish Farm (8)

Meal of the night kick start with ‘Tomyam Seafood’ very hot and spicy and its quite sour too. Seafood were fresh. RM15

Vegie Fish Farm (10)

‘Telapia Steam Limau Thai Style’ served with topping with chunks of garlic to enhance the taste of the soup and the chili to stir up some some spiciness as its something clear that blends well with the fish. RM33

Vegie Fish Farm (11)

‘Ayam Goreng Daun Limau’ fried cripsy on inside out and the meat is soft. small-RM15

Vegie Fish Farm (12)

This is the star of the night ‘Deep Fried Telapia’ which had been deep fried with very very hot oil that make the skin very crispy and it the taste of the salty skin then you pull of some of the fish meat to dip with the garlic sour chili sauce given it taste good. RM30

Vegie Fish Farm (15)

Sour Garlic Chili sauce.

Vegie Fish Farm (13)

‘Bayam Goreng’ nothing special about this. (Small) RM8

Vegie Fish Farm (14)

‘Lamb BBQ’ taste good with very well marinated (Big) RM15

Vegie Fish Farm (16)

‘Ketam BBQ’ with its hard shell and meat and it is always best to eat it bbq to ensure the freshness of Ketam is there. RM28

Vegie Fish Farm (17)

‘Tub Tim Krob’ RM5

Vegie Fish Farm (18)

‘Mango Sticky Rice’ RM8 as the desert not as good as it looks, by the end of the meal total bill comes to RM385 but to me, I still feel that Ah Roy Thai still served the best Thai food so far.
What I been told by my friend, this place is constantly full house. So go early to avoid dissapointment.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, not bad lah~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant
KM4, Jalan Hulu Langat,
68000, Ampang, Selangor
Tel:017-251 5235


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  1. Yes, I just had dinner there, and it was good. Thanks for giving coverage on it. However, please do something about your written English. Please consider taking a course on English. You might think that your English is “OK la”, and “so long as you understand, what’s the problem” but what if I were to say, “Aiya, so long as can eat, what’s the problem la”. Really, if you think there is an important difference between good food and GREAT food, you should also think there is an important difference between “pasar English” and good English. Bear in mind that you are on the internet, and people all over the world can see what you write, so please don’t embarrass your fellow Malaysians la, OK?

    • Taufulou Reply

      Hi Frankie,

      Thanks alot on ur feedback, yeah, my friend did mention to me that I should improve on my writing as it can get me even further.. I am trying to improve on that.

      could not agree more than you that, there is good and better… hopefully my writing will impress you again in the future when you do come by my blog again . .:)

      • Hi,i agree that we need to have good command of the language that we are writing the same time,it really depends on your target audience n objective To me,its not such a serious crime, n maybe you have already improved (n is still learning like everyone else) dont feel too bad about it So what about the whole world reading?its ur blog, ur thoughts,…like i said,unless there are some other objectives that u wanna achieve…are we saying that ppl whose english are not perfect embarrass the entire malaysian population? How many malaysians go up to a french,russian,mongolian,african,german etc n say Hey ur english suck,dont embarrass ur race -a proud malaysian

    • admin Reply

      i am not too sure . . . u might want to check with them . .

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