Flavours of Hanami is swinging its way to ISETAN The Japan Store, Lot 10 for a limited time period only. As the season of winter is finishing and spring is just around the corner, the team of Dai Nippon Printing Co, Ltd is bringing you the experience of Japan to Isetan Lot 10. During this period, they have set up 3 different types of experience for you known as The Gallery, Theater and Food.

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At the Gallery, you can see the original Hanami bento boxes, the real tradition and craft of Japanese cuisine. There are some sake samples available too as you step into the exhibits area. Besides that, there are some sampling of  sake too.

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Explanation of the most classic food which is the bento box by each individual chef.

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At the Theater, you will be brought through on the season of Japan that is shown in HD. If it is in 3-D glasses with some smell effect, it would be indeed an awesome experience. Triggering your visual for the four Japanese seasons and the history and foundation of Kyoto food, which is considered the best of all Japanese cuisine is the second part of the journey.

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In this testing session, Chef Sasaki gave a live presentation of his two signature dishes – Chirasizushi (Scattered Topping Sushi) and Saba-sugatazushi (Whole Mackerel Lightly Matured Sushi).

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Before we start, lets share with you about Chef Sasaki history. He is the 7th generation chef that still holding strong on this classics signature restaurant in Kyoto – IZUU Restaurant that was established since 1781. Chef Sasaki is known for his culinary prowess in preparing the popular mackerel sushi.

After training for three years at a famous sushi restaurant in Osaka, he joined IZUU, with the aim to preserve the flavours and culture of Kyoto’s mackerel sushi. The sushi specialist continues the tradition of his forefathers, adding significant touches of Japanese flavours and culture into one of his most-loved dish, to pass it to the next generation. This method of luxury food is still by traditional methods by carefully selecting the ingredients including fatty mackerel from the ocean near Japan.

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As the roll is prepared and upon cutting, you will see the mackerel shape in the sushi is prepare and cut to perfection where it resembles their brand logo, rabbit.

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We were given 2 pieces of Saba-sugatazushi where one is freshly prepared and another piece is left overnight. Two pieces indeed do give you different taste as I love the one that left overnight where the taste of the fish is more pungent, slightly chewy and the flavour of the leaves smoke into the rice. It is indeed an enjoyable bite. Some others do prefer the fresh piece as it is fresh.

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We also had the opportunity to try the Kyoto-style Chirashi-zushi (Scattered Topping Sushi) @ 3240JPY ~ RM120.00, which is another signature dish of Chef Sasaki. In case you are wondering what was ‘scattered’, there are kinshi egg, prawn, squid and sea bream. This is my first experience of Chirashi prepared from a well known chef.

The flavour is amazing, as the ingredient is prepared in layered and once you have the bowl, mix all the ingredient in it and it gives you burst of flavours in your mouth. Especially the fresh leaves that is used, it enhance the taste by giving a little freshness and slight bitterness to give your taste bud a bit of twist. The rice is done to perfection as it is mix with a special ingredient and the fully egg is indeed light and airy.

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Great meal ended with the combination of Sakura Mochi & Japanese Green Tea. I love the taste of the leave that add on the fragrance of the sakura mochi, and of course if you eat it by its own it doesnt give you any excitement, as the reason of the warm green tea is there as for you to take a bit of the mochi while you are finishing to the end, drink a sip of the green tea as it opens up your taste bud to a whole new different aroma of the leaves and very nice fragrant lingering after that. I surely do not mind to have 2 set of this.

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IZUU, Kyoto full details, including IZUU’s menu can be found here: https://r.gnavi.co.jp/izu/menu1/

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In case you missed Chef Sasaki’s live presentation, you could still catch other renowned Japanese chefs in action in February and March 2017. There are only 6 sessions for each chefs and seats are ONLY limited to the first 25 people.

So book your tickets now at 3rd Floor @ THE CUBE / CUBE_1 Ticket Counter at Isetan The Japan Store, Bukit Bintang. Its only RM100.00 per person.

Alternatively, you may also purchase online at www.eventbrite.com or call 03-2382 7777.

Live Presentation and Tasting
Chef Nobuyuki Tanaka from Tsuruse : Sat 18 – Sun 19 February 2017
He is a 4th generation owner of a restaurant an inn that was established in 1932. Set against the backdrop of a luxurious inn complete with large hall and individual overnight guest rooms, he constantly strives to provide exceptional customer-based service and cuisine.

Chef Hideki Shimoguchi from Chikurin : Sat 4 – Sun 5 March 2017
He established this restaurant in the Uji area of Japan, which is famous for its tea. He is also actively engaged in activities to increase the appeal of innovative culinary techniques using matcha green tea and hoji-cha tea and in conveying Japanese cuisine outside of Japan.

Chef Takuji Takahashi from Kinobu : Sat 18 – Sun 19 March 2017
Qualified as a senior sommelier, he is an innovative chef engaging in the discovery of new Kyoto cuisine including wine pairings. The restaurant excels at bento boxes created using the techniques developed as a store specializing in catering.


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