My last visit back hometown, this is my very first time to see my dad got so excited to bring me one of his favourite place 15 years ago and he insisted to bring all of us all the way here which is Nibong Tebal. About 30 -45 minutes drive out from Penang Island. The last round my dad visited was exactly 15 years ago and road do change and base on his memory, he was spot on to reach our destination.

Nibong Tebal is a town right before Perak boarder and there are quite many well known eateries around the area.

Aik Chew (1)

Got to know that Lim Aik Chew is famous in this town for its fresh water prawn curry and over weekend its a crazy bunch. I am lucky that I was here on Friday very late lunch and crowd is decent enough. We were lucky that most of the fresh ingredients are running out and we were the last few to get hands on it.

Currently it enter into their third generation which is running this family base eatery.

Aik Chew (2)

Aik Chew (3)

Another signature of this place is their homemade bread.

Aik Chew (4)

Sugarcane is super sweet as there are no add on water. Do try out their Ice Coffee which is pretty good for a very local flavour. Slightly burnt end taste, bitter and sweetness of condense milk do add onto the flavour. Classic stuff.

Aik Chew (5)

Here comes our dish as they are being serve pretty quick. 5 minutes upon our order.

Aik Chew (6)

This is their signature dish, fresh water prawn curry. Cook to perfection as the prawn is super juicy, fresh and curry is thick enough with mild spices taste at the end of it. My dad mention the taste is still pretty much the same. Oh well, its very hard to get the similiar taste after operating for so long.

Aik Chew (7)

Their steam bread is a must order and must eat while its hot. Fluffy soft, tear it and dip the whole piece into the thick curry. Just perfect!

Aik Chew (8)

Fried omelet.

Aik Chew (9)

Another dish to lookout for is their fried fish in 3 flavours (sweet, sour and mild spicy). There are variety of fish to choose from, depending catch of the day. Fried crispy on the outer layer and soft meat inside.

Aik Chew (10)

The village fisherman dock is just right next to the restaurant. That’s how they get all the fresh prawns and fish. Due to demand of the fresh water prawns is high and expensive, the restaurant now do opt for sea prawns as alternative.

Aik Chew (11)

Aik Chew (12)

To locate this restaurant, you can go thru waze as it is located right at this junction. Overall, food is decent and for the price of 4 dish cost estimated RM110 in this township, I find it very expensive. Oh well, just good enough for me to try once, as with that price I can top up slightly more for seafood lunch or dinner at Tambun.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, not that bad ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lim Aik Chew
436 Tanjong Berembang,
Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai,

Tel: 04-593 2957 / 016-5904 8912 (Mr Lim)

GPS coordinates: N05 09.049, E100 27.748


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