Frisky Goat, a café that make a huge buzz over all this while and did drop by twice previously to check them out and they are constantly full. It was a recent visit as pretty lost with places on where to dine, with skeptical mindset over brunch places. Angle side of me say, why not just check them out.

Got into this place around 11am, and place is pretty pack. Wait of table were pretty fast as we were seated at the bar table and did request to be seated at normal dining tables if there is a chance. After chit chatting and taking ages to browse my menu, trying out some of their signature.

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Upon our conversation, my friend suddenly blurp out, do you know how this place came out? (as her face look a bit unsatisfactory). Then she share that its operated by three young ladies with backgrounds in banking, oil and gas and real-estate that do not have much cooking knowledge.

My Answer were pretty simple and straight forward, with “you do not need to learn how to cook to be a restaurant owner ah. Hire the person you think suits your taste bud only loh”

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Oh well, cut the crap to their interior is cool for a café as they have flag lines all over and balloons just like some one just throw a massive kids birthday party over this shop. Some say its more like a European concept that gives them the cool chill factor of neighborhood.

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With the term bakery café, certainly they do have some of their signature products in their bakery range. I do find that their Cream Cheese Danish is pretty good @ RM 4.50 and Pain Au Chocolate @ RM 4.80 is just decent.

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Flipping through the menu, do give me a sigh expression with the usual that all brunch places are pretty expensive and aim what is the most unique that I can order, whereby not the usual big brunch.

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Among many other coffee players in the area, I find that the coffee in this shop is pretty good. Love their Mocha @ RM 10 with the types of chocolate that they are using, Iced latte is pretty refreshing and well balance @ RM 10 and love my hot late as its mild to my liking yet not too acidic. @ RM 9

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Mushroom Soup truffle top with some  olive oil is pretty good as served with 2 toast bread.

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Mac KRUNCH @ RM 20 – deep fried Mac & Cheese + Fried Chicken topped with poached egg & served with tomato salsa.

Oh well, this dish went merry go round as pass thru three person, its still unfinish. Poached egg was done to perfection, however, the chicken, mac & cheese were too dry. Tomato salsa is pretty blend

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Egg Salmon Royale @ RM 21 seared salmon & poached egg with wilted spinach over Belgian Waffle, served with sauteed mushrooms, tomato hollandaise sauce and toast. This was one of many peoples recommendation. Belgian waffle were soft like those in buffet breakfast line quality, salmon is in very decent size. I can only say, I had better ones before.

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Chicken Ballotine @ RM 29 – deboned chicken stuff with cheese, spinach & mushrooms, served wit sauteed vegetables & creamy mash. Upon the description itself, I do have a certain expectation on this already. Oh well, this dish took my friend 20 minutes to finish it.

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Since disappointing mains, we hunt for their cakes. Avoid their Tiramisu @ RM 10 and their Pavlova is pretty promising @ RM 12

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Crusty base and side, with beautiful round chocolate donut shape which is soft and not too sweet. Good enough for any nice instagram pictures. Strawberries are sour and sweet to my liking.

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Before heading off, order their Passion Lychee Ice Tea @ RM 9. Turns out to be one of a pretty good drink. Not too sweet, yet hint of tea and lychee is there. Best of all is refreshing enough.

Maybe you are bored with this comment as I find that its pretty overrated and however they do have their own crowd, especially family crowd over weekend. Oh well, total I paid about RM 200 for the mentions and pretty expensive for 3 of us.

Anyhow, their coffee and bread might be a good pairing.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, so so only lah~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Frisky Goat 72 Jalan Burhanudin Helmi
Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6 03 7731 2965

Operating: Open daily, 8am-1030pm


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  1. This is a nice new layout. Long time never been here but great design.

    Yeah, the food looks good too. Heard of this place but never been there yet.

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