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It did take a while for burger joint to appear and comes to this one of the fast food joint that I have discover during last year when I did my exhibition at KLCC Convention Center on July 2013, discover this little shop known as Fuel Shack then for the next 3 days, this had been my regular lunch joint. It was only till recently when I visit KLCC food court with my friend then saw this brand again which I am totally keen to try back as I have tried nearly the whole menu at that time and just did not bother to blog about it.

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Range of selection is pretty straight forward as I love their simple beef range – Cheeseburger, Lamb is a must try and hotdog.

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Their concept is similar to subway just that much lesser ingredeint for you to see them to prepare and of course you can tell them what you like or do not like.

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This is my regular set and truly this outlet did it quite dry and cheeze did not melt properly and fried is salty. I still love the outlet that I discover which is at Aquaria food court area. That guy prepare it excellent as this KLCC food court  I find it there are alot people therefore they did not properly cook it. The lamb patty originally was not too dry, yet very fragrant and top with melted cheddar cheeze that makes it a perfect burger.:D

Do expect to wait for a while as to prepare a burger they need 5-10 minutes.

Aquaria KLCC food court(Not too sure they still have a mini outlet there)
KLCC food court, LVL 3.


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