Buying things in online is becoming a new trend. For the past few years, we are flocking into marketplace such as Shopee or Lazada to buy items that we want. Alternatively we also constantly look at Facebook for what our friends and pages do offer for us. My friend had set up Vy n Co to offer her favourite local snacks easily access to us instead of buying them off shelves.

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there are a few products available in the store such as her signature Kacang Kapri Tari Bali which is one of my top favourite and other snacks from Penang. Indeed you can make a purchase to share with your local or oversea friends right at their door step.

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Kacang Kapri Tari Bali a product that specially flown in from Bali. RM 20 per pack for 300g (min order 5 pack). This is one of my favourite kacang to eat when I was in Bali and Chinese new year is coming, it would be a great snacks to much with beers while gather with friends and family.

Slightly roasted taste, with hint of saltiness yet crispy.

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Another snacks for you to dig in

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For something slightly healthy.  I personally prefer the Seaweed Soycrips more than the Soycrips Original @ RM 8 per pack. Just that the seaweed taste is more to my liking that the slightly plain fragrant taste. It is also down to your personal taste bud as my parents like the original more.

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Something more flavourful isthis Whale brand : Keropok Ikan Onion Garlic and Keropok Ikan BBQ @ RM 5 pack each. Both are equally good as I enjoyed it over my Christmas session with friends over beer. I like the Keropok ikan onion garlic as I prefer it more to my taste bud, as for bbq flavour, my mind just bends towards more on chips side.

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For a pack of hamper of gifts or personal consumptions, find that Homebis packaging is not too bad.

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When it comes with pineapple tart it is a very subjective taste. Some like crispy fragrant crust some like it soft. However HomeBis Pineapple Tart @RM 40 is in between. Slightly crips yet soft on the inner layer yet you can taste a nice cookie flavour on the crust. Pineapple filling is not too sweet yet I think it is suitable to those who do not like it too punchy flavour.

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If you like your almond flavour slightly more prominent then Homebis Almond Nips Cookie @ RM 35 will goes very well with your morning cup of kopi-o too. A small ball that easily pop into your mouth.

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Homebis – Almond Delight cookies @ RM 35 is different from the Almond nips cookie is on the texture and taste. For this, it is more towards cookies. Slightly more cripsy towards biscuits yet not that hard, with hint of saltiness, almond and taste like a bit of oat into it.

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For any purchase of RM 150 and above you get to enjoy FREE Delivery.

You can purchase through their Facebook page – and also check out what’ their latest offerings.


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