How is MCO for everyone? Today mark the first day of partial lift up for MCO and there are tons of people out there. Getting your favourite cake could be a hassle then just be like me. I ordered mine last week through CakeRush. After 40 days I am quite craving for cakes and ordered burnt cheese cake. The online placement order got it delivery to my house.

burnt cheesecake

cake rush (2)

Was introduce by my friend over this website Cake Rush and I am quite satisfied over the quality I am getting. Burnt Cheesecake at RM 108 for near to 1kg. 

It is more like a website that gotten a few bakers onboard.

cake rush (3)

cake rush (4)

Cake texture is perfect. soft and airy, yet cheese taste is quite prominent. The burnt taste on the top is just nice. Did not over do it.

chocolate burnt cheesecake

oreo burnt cheesecake

homemade burnt cheesecake

I am satisfied with my afternoon tea with my chill coffee. There are tons of temptation in the website with the kind of choices you will be getting.

Check them out.


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