Recently attended Glenmorangie Spios 2018 limited edition bottle launch at The Pawn Room , TTDI. little did I known that The Pawn room is also one of a well known speakeasy bar in TTDI that transport you back to the China classic oriental concept.

As the name itself  Spios, which is Scots Gaelic for ‘spice’.

Glenmorangie (1)

Glenmorangie (2)

Glenmorangie (4)

Glenmorangie (5)

Love the ambiance of this place.

Glenmorangie (6)

As we arrive, we are being pamper with classic Glenmorangie whisky with orange peel rub.

Glenmorangie (7)

Glenmorangie (8)

Glenmorangie (9)

Glenmorangie (10)

Glenmorangie (11)

Our arrival drink.

Glenmorangie (12)

Glenmorangie (13)

With cool seating arrangement, as for the night we will be tasting 3 different type of Glenmorangie whisky.

Glenmorangie (14)

Glenmorangie (16)

It is indeed a great bottle as only price less than RM 500 for a bottle of limited edition bottle. A taste which is very unique that I quite like it. This also marks Glenmorangie’s first single malt whisky ever fully matured in American ex-rye whiskey casks.

Tasting note is also quite unique as I mention:  spicy characteristics with hint of herbal nose and a rich, spicy palate, followed by a long, sweet finish. I also felt that this bottle is worth to keep base on it spring of less than RM 500

Among their limited edition series, I still highly recommended Glenmorangie Astar which is my all time favourite.


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