One of the place that I always heard alot that I never been till few months ago is this classic one of Penang Famous Hokkien Mee that located in Burmah Road, or the other stalls that they have is well known to many people is at Green House, further down the road that is famous for after clubbing supper place.

old green house (1)

For this stall which is the original place that they have started for long time ago and well known to many local patrons. Parking here is hard as we usually double park at road side on 11.30pm onwards to prevent our cars from being towed away.

old green house (2)

old green house (3)

In this stall, you can add on any other ingredient into your prawn noodles as they are well know for the only place that can add on so many ingredients.

old green house (4)

old green house (5)

 do bare in mind that those additional items are not cheap yah.

old green house (6)

One of my favourite is their chili paste that I have always added in at least 2 table spoon.

old green house (7)

For late night craving for one of a very decent hokkien mee left not many places and this place often become one of my joint that I always go for. Soup base is pretty sweet as you can taste that they are using prawn shells to cook along in the pork bone soup and also I have added mini prawns to make it more chewy.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , nicee, for a stall on the road side Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Old Green House Restaurant (老青屋)
223 Burma Road, Penang.

GPS Coordinates: N5 25.421 E100 19.261

Business hours: 8pm to 4am (Closed on Sundays)


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  1. Wrong location provided. The provided one is Old Green House restaurant, which do have a hokkien mee stall, but not the famous one.
    The correct name and location is
    Penang Famous Green House Prawn Noodle, 151, 121, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang

    It is a shop, not a stall like in Old green house restaurant

    • Hi Phang,

      for this stall is the first hokkien mee stall by them which is also their original birth place.

      The one you mention is their second stall. Which is like their second outlet.

      That is why this is called Old Green House

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