When this outlet Greyhound Cafe open for business at Bukit Bintang, KL, it had made waves of hype over it where I certainly do not understand what is the buzz and it was not till recently I was invited to attend my friends event Zomato Foodie Meet up at the restaurant only got to know that it is actually a famous restaurant chain in Bangkok as I have also heard mix reaction on food quality on this including services.

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It was on Thursday and the place is fully book, not because the event was there but there are actually quite a good crowd for this brand. For those who love to take pictures, this will turn into another paradise for you if it his day time. With its cool scrable marble like decor on the bar, a little greens around the area and with a huge kitchen rack wall at the dining area make it another good spot.

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Draft beers ready to cater for your thirstiness.

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Its a fusion menu, from street Thai food, to Italian and other Asian cuisines.

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Drinks, I like their Thai Ice Tea with Milk @ RM 12, Thai Fresh Coconut Juice @ RM 12 & Oriental Kiss @ RM 16

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Kick start with a clever dish that play with your palate, is this Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce @ RM 26, will cleverly entice your palate with sourish grind herbs, a hint of garlic cloves along with minty end.

Greyhound (20)

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings @ RM 18

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This is one of a unique dish to play with. Yes I mean play where the cabbage is serve at the side with 2 ingredients for you to add on along with their so called Complicated Noodle @ RM 26.

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Greyhound (23)

This is how you put your ingredients, then wrap it to a squarish version and stuff the whole cabbage that you have wrap into your mouth.

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Galanga & coconut Soup (Tom Kha Koong) @ RM 27. 

Greyhound (25)

Tom Yum Kong @ RM 27. 

Greyhound (26)

Street Style Beef Skewers and Sticky Rice @ RM 46 – grilled beef marinated with garlic and pepper served with sticky rice and :Jaew: sauce.

Greyhound (27)

Pad Thai @ RM 16

Greyhound (32)

Mince Chicken with Sweet Basil and Hot Chilies  @ RM 27. If you have been to Bangkok then you would know that this is the most popular street style dish. Serve with Fried Egg, rice and clear soup.

Greyhound (28)

This smells and taste quite similiar to Thai street food that I have tried. Noodle with Thai Duck Stew @ RM 31. Soup base taste with hint of herbs taste, yet with their fragrant soy and their duck meat is braised to perfection that it is so soft, tender and juicy.

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Greyhound (30)


Greyhound (31)

Penne with Seared Scallops, Asparagus in Light Peso Cream Sauce @ RM 46

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This is their all time signature cake where also crowd’s favorite. Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake @ RM 22 – light and thin crepes, layered fresh cream and fresh coconut meat from Thailand. So soft that like eating chilled tau hua, and it do not taste heavy too like tiramisu. Love the texture of it too. – Recommended!

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For something refreshing to end your meal, you can opt for their Coconut Ice cream where they are slightly icy base, fresh coconut taste and a great ending dessert.

Greyhound (36)

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake @ RM 22

Greyhound (37)

Coconut Sago with water chestnut served with coconut shaker @ RM 16

Greyhound (38)

Their Mango Sticky Rice is presented in cup version where not the usual on a plate with mango slices top on top. Sticky rice is warm and mango is sweet! @ RM 18 

Greyhound (39)

Outside is another place can do some nice photoshoot here from where the other entrance you are walking towards the hotel lobby.

As for food, they are not yet established yet as on the event day and I went back again two days ago there where a huge different in taste and presentation too. For service, they still have a lot to improve where alot error.

However worth to give it a try if you are willing to dig into your pocket for this and maybe would advise come back in 2 months time when they are more stable in their kitchen where they are still rather new.

My recommendations if you are first time there:

Mains: Thai Duck Stew, Basil Rice & Complicated Noodle

Desserts: Thai Ice Tea & their Ice Lemon Tea Greyhound Style. Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake or Coconut Sago with water chestnut served with coconut shaker

Greyhound Cafe
Lot 0.2, 101, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(in between Farenheitt 88 and Lot 10)

Operating Hours:
Daily – 11am-11pm

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  1. Must I need to make advance table booking for 8 paxs for dinner at 8pm on weekdays ? How much do you change for valet parking service ? What are your good food (main course and dessert) recommendation ? looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Hi David,

      It is best advise to make a reservation for such a big group. I am not too sure how much they charge for their valet. The average valet at Bukit Bintang ranges from RM15-RM30

      My recommendations would be:
      1) Complicated Noodles
      2) Tom Yum Kung
      3) Pad Thai
      4) Thai Duck Stew
      5) fresh Coconut Crepe

      Remark: Do note that their taste is hit and misses. Lower down your expectation and you will enjoy their food.

      HOpe this helps and enjoy your dinner

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