I think nowdays we are not only spoilt on food choices, we are also spoilt on beer choices, with so many new imported beers coming into Malaysia shores surely we can now enjoy our happy our with more choices. One of the new beer launch I went that I went was this French beer Kronenbourg, then now the latest addition under Carlsberg family is this new Belgium Beer, Grimbergen beer.

This new beer launch at one of my favourite bar, Brussels Beer Cafe at Menara Hap Seng

By far any beer, this is one of the oldest beer that I had come accross so far, even must more older than Guinness which this beer started way way back since 1128 and the history started when St. Norbert founded the Abbey of Grimbergen in the village of Grimbergen near Brussels in Belgium. The Abbey’s Norbertine Fathers helped those in need, primarily by offering food, drink and shelter to passing pilgrims. The area surrounding the Abbey produced hops and barley of the highest quality over a number of years the Father’s perfected a range of Grimbergen recipes that were eagerly drunk by patrons of the inn attached to the Abbey.

The license to brew and distribute the Grimbergen brand was acquired by The Carlsberg Group as a part of the Scottish and Newcastle acquisition.

The drink also were accompanied by some of great food prepared by Chef Jochen Kern (Director of Cullinary Art of Berjaya School of Hospitality KL). The foods were created with Grimbergen beers infused which goes along very well with the beer.

Now, the license to brew and distribute the Grimbergen brand was acquired by The Carlsberg Group as a part of the Scottish and Newcastle acquisition and had bought over this brand to our local Malaysia market. This briing us another premium beer and unique taste of its own, and seriously one of a beer I would go after if even more if offer draft as for now they are available in bottles only. . . with its smoothness bubbly foam that sunk down makes the clear yet a bit thick on the top of the beer, then the took first sip, its soo smooth, and after taste of it a bit bitter sweet fruty taste. Its very smooth then I took big sip like how I usually drink my Guinness, indeed its good~

Besides beer, we were pamperd with Master Chef from Germany specially created this dish, “Baked Mussels with Grimbergen Infused Cream & Cheese Sauce Topped with Shredded Bacon”

The mussels were really good, well coated with cream cheeze and the bacon is abit salty to blend in well with the cheeze then take a sip with the beer

Pork sausage, meat balls in cameralized onion sauce, calamari rings and chips platter which is a good companion for my glass of beer for the night.

Followed by warmly prepared a Roast Pork with the crispy part a bit salty and fats just evenly spread out, soft on the top part and a bit chewy on the meat is just how I like it .. The sald turns out to be good too, as me and Marky are fighing for that small portion

Then come this ‘Sausage Platter’ with mustard sauce. . .How could I resist it. .

All of us just enjoy this beer, I think we had at least 3 bottles each, and their beer bottle is not normal beer bottle, i think can pour for 3-4 glasses of what we holding. . with seriously beer lover – Marcky, Master Chef, Me and Esther.

Me, Joshua Ong, Esther and Marky with his trademark hamsap face. . .

Another great night for all of us to hang out, chill, enjoy every sip of it . .


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