They had taken a break from last year, and this year H-Artistry is BACK! The most anticipated party for music lovers around the nation, H-Artistry known as The Global Art of Mixing 2016, are back to their original version as they bombard the night with world class performances. filling up musical acts from a range of genres featured Mad August, Tinashe, HyunA and DJ Crizzly.

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This year they have done it very much different as compare to all their past year series. This round, they are in for collaboration, with merging music, art, taste and fashion in a celebration of those who dare to dream by providing a platform for Malaysian talents from different backgrounds to showcase their abilities, collaborating at the event to create a new Art of Mixing experience.

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Greeted by their signature bar, Hennessy that is served on the rock or with water.

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Reaching in further you are greeted with a junction where on the left is decorated with Hugh Koh co-founder of Southeast Asia leading street wear label Pestle & Mortar and on the right is Jun Ong’s creation also known as a light artist and architect.

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On those two separate note, host this 2 marvelous local well known mixologist Andrew Tan and owner of HYDE. Love his cocktail creation for the night as there are balance of taste and nice hint of flavours in between. Also one of the state where the most people.

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On the other end is one of a well known boutique cocktail bar in KL is Angel Ng creation – a bartender from PS150. Find that her flavours are too strong for my liking, Flavours are wine, ginger and gula Melaka all mixed with Hennessy V.S.O.P.

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As you walked further in, there is where the main arena is and every one is jumping off their feet for all their favourite artist. When Hyuna came out, that is when every one went high.

H-Artistry_2016 (10)


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To finish off the night  DJ Crizzly was introduced as the closing act of the night.

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In this event will not be completed if you do not bump into usual suspects.

H-Artistry_2016 (16)

The current team for drinking event, from a big group and left 3-4 pax. We are the last runner.

H-Artistry_2016 (17)

met my ex colleague here too.

H-Artistry_2016 (18)

H-Artistry_2016 (19)

When all of us are in the mood and left half hanging. Great night filled with great drinks and companion. It is great to see H-Artistry is back to where they started by arranging heavy weight artist to perform for the night.


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