I used to come to QE2 to hang out with my friends for many occasion and pass by this restaurant many times . .  Never did I know that, my last visit back to Penang, my dad brought me to Hai Nan Town for lunch, that I just got to know is one of his favourite restaurant, partly because they served Hainanese cuisine.

Hai Nan Town Restaurant is situated next to Penang Jetty which can be easily located as it can be consider a building by itself and also a famous spot for alot photographer to do photoshoot here.

If you come at night, you will enjoy a the wonderfull scenery facing the jetty with sea breeze.

Usually I definately prefer my Lohbak to be in Pork Version especially when I am in Penang, then Chicken Lorbak in here is pretty good too, by using strips of chicken that cook along with ‘ngor hiang’ with skin fried till crips.   RM 10.50

Otak – Otak was normal as I have eaten better ones @ RM 3

Kacang Botol fried with samble and pranws is a dish to consider to order, fried evenly and its crips each of it. .  RM 12

Hainanese Lamb is my dad’s favourite, because it was cook quite soupy and the lamb lamb taste is very mild that suits my sister also, lamb was cook till very soft n the soup was aromatic with the lamb taste, to me it would taste a bit more nice if the lamb taste is abit stronger @ RM 22

Yam Duck base is a bit milky which filled with yam taste which is another good dish to consider @ RM 24

Curry Fish , quite sour in the curry n spicy which is just nice, fish was fresh as the meat is soft @ RM 66

My family enjoy the meal here. . . and ambiance is nice especially for family meal  and this restaurant is a Halal Restaurant. . .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10,okay lah~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hai Nan Town Restaurant
8A, Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Penang.
Tel: 604 – 263 8633

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  1. i like the kacang botol…actually i missing the food in msia…cant wait summer and go home to eat like mad

    • Taufulou Reply

      ehehhe.. who doesnt when we are oversea. . .

      used to do that when i was studying in aus. . 🙂

  2. Brought a group of 8 to HNT for lunch on 16th Jul 12. Had lor bak, kacang botol, belacan kangkong, fish curry, otak, curry kapitan chicken, pulut ikan and one more which has already slipped my mind. Except for the lor bak (chicken) and otak2 the other dishes, in Simon’s language, are ‘forgettable’. I remember the food there to be much much nicer and fresher, less salty and much less oily, esp the kacang botol and kangkong belacan.

    We had also wanted to lunch in the aircon room but was immediately repulsed by the stench/odor upon entry. Ended up eating on the outside, which was not a bad idea as it was a breezy afternoon.

    The place and surroundings are really very attractive with the sea and ferries docking a few hundred meters away. It is sad that if left unchecked the restaurant may slip into the sea for want of better upkeep and food standard. And I forgot to mention that the toilet (gent’s) was filthy to say the least!!!

    My credibility as a street-smart ‘Penang food guide’ has slipped a few notches!
    Wonder if I should ever venture there again?

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