Hai Tian (11)

‘Steam Fish with Ginger’, fish is fresh as the meat is soft and juicy and ginger was fried perfectly right as we can taste the spiciness of it and dip along with the soy base, no complain.

Hai Tian (12)

If you love spare parts, then one of the dish that you must not miss is ‘Fried Pig Intestine with Blackpeper’. I love the stink taste of it as for me I feel the taste is there and black peper is just right that is not very spicy that make every one enjoys it.

Hai Tian (13)

We had not enough of it and order another plate with the ‘Fried Intestine’and tell you, it is good, chewy and springy. Dip with the sauce that came along with it, it was gone within 60 seconds.Till here, the first total bill damage was RM260 which I find it quite reasonable with the portion and quality served by 12 pax.

Hai Tian (14)

We had often taste sweet and sour pork but this round (second visit) we decided to try out ‘Sweet and Sour Intestine’ but for me I prefer the black pepper as it taste better.

Hai Tian (15)

‘Birthday Noodle’ was something different that I have tried, as it add in pork ham. My gawd! it taste awesome by adding in some vinegar with starchy sauce base and aromatic ham taste.

Hai Tian (16)

‘Dried Chili Claypot with Pork’ as a very good companion with rice. Strong base flavour that is abit spicy with dried chili and the pork slices had been slice thinly that cook it a while to make it chewy and just cook.

Hai Tian (17)

‘Fried Pai Kuat’ would be adding into my list as it was fried evently cripy then sauce was fried along with it. Eat it hot, while the taste is there.

Hai Tian (18)

‘Fried Fish’

Hai Tian (19)

‘Vegetable with herbal soup base’

Hai Tian (20)

‘Stir Fried Baby French beans’

This second bill comes in total of RM250for 10 pax which is quite reasonable too. For those residence that lives around that area, surely is a restaurant I am recommending, perfectly good for up coming Mother’s Day. A good meal and a nice place to be.-= Ka Ching =-Food Rating 9/10, good with quality~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

9 (10 shoplots),
Jalan BPP 8/2,
Bandar Putra Permai,
Seri Kembangan,
(when you see a big Pasar Borong, its directly opposite)

Tel:03-8943-5002./ 03-8945 4160/

(it is a new place, so I had created the mark on it)

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  1. Wah. 9 out of 10? That's a great rating! Means must try lah. 🙂

    Now if only I know how to drive to Sri Kembangan…

  2. Why the prawns soup orange in colour? Perhaps was due the the prawn roes?

  3. Omg… love all the dishes involving meat and seafood. look sooooooooooooooo delicious!

  4. I saw exactly identical story (starts with “A few days ago, we went back again to Hai Thian restaurant …”, same photos and with the same grammar errors) in at least 2 other different blogs. So, this is a cheap way for the restaurant to have online advertisement without setting up their own website. 🙂
    I was looking for the restaurant’s phone number to make a booking but couldn’t find it – perhaps they should provide you with that too!

    • Taufulou Reply

      lol… cheap way to advertise?

      Anyway, FYI, we pay ourself to dine in the restaurant.. and is not an advertorial.. and the identical story i think you mean a blog link of
      lohbakia.blogspot.com (old blog) and taufulou.com (new) is because is the same person. . . migrating my old database to the new server.. that is why you see the same thing twice. . .

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