Over the last weekend, it had come to the time of the year that one of a event that many of us looking forward for which is H.Artistry which makes it like a annual party event that must not miss. The venue for the finale party had been the same for the past 3 years which is at MIECC (Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Center at The Mines Resort City. (click here for last year party)

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 AS usual, many people arrive early for this party which kicks start from 8.30pm onwards and of course the traffic here is crazy.

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For this year, they have change their concept to all fully white background on the waiting area than their usual black that make the whole ambiance feels so elegant.

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and of course one of our best buddy that had been taking care of us for the past 2 year is Ash. One great guy in PR industry. .

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Not only white background had been change, also compare to last year signature 360 camera shoot this year they equip with cute camera booth that makes the line so long. Its great that while waiting you can start enjoy Hennessy signature drinks already as the ambassador are walking around serving it so frequent.

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IF you do not like what is being serve, you can always pop by at their DIY signature counter that you can do your own mixture with guide from well train girl.

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As you walk into the main arena, there are more drinks for you as this year their drinks are being control as free flow are only till 11pm. One of the reason is to ensure all party goers are able to drive back safely without being too drunk.

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Staging this year also different as its on one side and alot of lazer lighting being used this round . .

HA (10)

 This is the crowd at 10pm .. crazy right. .

HA (11)

On that night, I manage to catch Korea’s rising star NS Yoon-G.

HA (12)

 Of course my best buddy Louise is always there to party hard . . . 😀


of course with Anna. . .

HA (13)

 The old buddies that have not miss this party for the past 2 years. . Ben & Yatz

HA (14)

 The other 2 siau poh, Caroline & Nicole

HA (15)

 Next in performance with cool outfit is British song bird and vocal powerhouse Neon Hitch

HA (16)

 Then went to VIP section and saw some of my friends there, Sampson and the whole group is there. .

HA (19)

 Indeed it was another great party by H.Artistry that been a trademark event that we will be attending. . . Thanks for the invitation and see you guys next year.


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  1. you give me too much credit bro! as always, glad to see you guys that night! it sure was a different experience hahaha

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