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Heineken @ Rabbit Hole, Changkat Bukit Bintang

by Taufulou

Heineken this round did something pretty unique at Rabbit Hole. I guess the name itself sure do create a nice buzz and plus with this roudn theming is something rather interesting.

Heineken (1)

As for this round, the convert the whole place into like a mini 3-D dimension series as you walk in you are trail with series of cubic lines to the main entrance.

Heineken (2)

Right after you reach you are greeting with the whole place filled with glowing strings as its place with many UV lights.

Heineken (3)

 Even DJ console area is pretty cool.

Heineken (4)

 Saw my friend, Tziaa there as she is working . . .

Heineken (5)

 and many people are just standing and chilling with their friends.

Heineken (6)

As you walk further in, as where the bar is, as they are being light up with UV lights in fluorescent green and blue hues of the limited edition Heineken Club Bottle that comes to life under ultraviolet (UV) light to reveal a stunning piece of hand-held art.

Heineken (7)

 Love the Limited edition bottle series when its under UV lights. Cool yah~

Heineken (8)

 When its under normal lights, it does not make any difference.

Heineken (9)

 and Anna standing right next to the light box and Holding the Heineken Glow bottle.

Heineken (10)

Right before I left, then only discover another secret door to this little cool room where another set of different music being played in here and of course its more colder as the air con in here is more powerful.

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