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Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia @ Viva Home Expo Hall, Cheras

by Taufulou

Much awaited as I have heard about this event 6 months ago and to all Hello Kitty Fans, this might be a place you would want to be. It is Japan’s iconic Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia with her Sanrio buddies will be in Viva Home Expo, Cheras for a month-long carnival.

From 19th December 2015 to 19th January 2016 (extended to 14th Feb)

Hello Kitty (1)

Tickets can be purchase at Ground Floor concourse area with their mini carnival at the area or another ticketing booth right infront of the Expo Hall.

Ticket & Price info (click here)


Hello Kitty (2)

What you can expect in this expo will be a touch of American Carnival theme with displays of Hello Kitty artworks, game booths and workshops.

With purchase of tickets, admission is inclusive of two game vouchers, a limited edition lanyard and a collectible card.

Hello Kitty (3)

They have line up some performances for you to enjoy too. For Hello Kitty fans, do equip yourself with fully charge phone or your camera.

For this 30,000 sq Expo, it is like a mini maze and there are quite number of sections for you to explore with map below.

Hello Kitty (4)

Upon entering, you will be greeted with 2 photographer on both left and right with photo opportunity. Both side have different sets of Hello Kitty ridding Merry Go Round. You will then given a ticket for your picture and if you wish to purchase – a picture is at RM 25 and with Hello Kitty Go Round Frame is at RM 65.


Hello Kitty (5)

Hello Kitty (6)

Right upon entering the area, you will be pamper with game zone. A few games stall to kick start your mood as this is where you can start using your ticket.


Hello Kitty (7)

Hello Kitty (8)

Hello Kitty (9)

Hello Kitty (44)

Hello Kitty (45)

Hello Kitty (46)

Then the whole area is being section up and it will be at your own leisure to move into which direction.

Hello Kitty (10)

Hello Kitty (11)

Head down to Hello Kitty Memory Garden.

Hello Kitty (12)

Hello Kitty (13)

Hello Kitty (15)

You can then next move into Hello Kitty Cafe where all coffee, snacks and meals are in Hello Kitty presentation.

Hello Kitty (16)

Hello Kitty (17)

I have 2 sexy buddy waiting together at bus station.

Hello Kitty (18)

This area got us excited abit as we thought there was a ride, only then realise its a pre-gimmic of it.

Hello Kitty (19)

Hello Kitty (20)

This place is rather interesting – Hello Kitty Post Office

Hello Kitty (21)

Every art and craft area are filled with instructions on the wall.

Hello Kitty (22)

Some of Hello Kitty Mailing postcard that you can purchase.

Hello Kitty (23)

Hello Kitty (24)

This is pretty cute where you can go underneath the machine and be inside it to take picture.

Hello Kitty (25)

Hello Kitty (26)

A section which showcase classic Japan in Hello Kitty format with wishing wall.

Hello Kitty (27)

Hello Kitty (28)

Apple Temple.

Hello Kitty (29)

Hello Kitty (30)

Exchange a ticket with a token and upon completion you will get a mini gift. (instruction on the wall)

Hello Kitty (31)

Hello Kitty (32)

Hello Kitty (33)

Make a wish and flip the coin.

Hello Kitty (34)

Some florist and saw this 2 cute kids portraying a trying to sell a flower to the boy.

Hello Kitty (35)

Hello Kitty (36)

If you are keen to get more game voucher, the have 2 booth inside the area.

Hello Kitty (37)

Hello Kitty (38)

For another craft area, you can head to Kitty Totes where RM 28 you will get a tote bag, 4 different stamps. We believe you will end up spend at least RM 35  by adding more characters to make the tote bag more interesting.

Hello Kitty (39)

Some inspiration on the wall for your reference.

Hello Kitty (40)

Hello Kitty (41)

Hello Kitty (42)

Hello Kitty (43)

Hello Kitty (47)

In this photo zone, you can either snap a picture yourself then print in out at this Fujifilm box at a price.

Hello Kitty (48)

Hello Kitty (49)

Hello Kitty (50)

Hello Kitty (51)

Hello Kitty (52)

Some sweets?

Hello Kitty (53)

Hello Kitty (54)

Hello Kitty (55)

Cinema was a slight let down where it just display a huge picture. Thought it might have a video that show Hello Kitty or a preview of this whole thing of Hello Kitty Go Round video among the regions.

Hello Kitty (56)

Hello Kitty (57)

Hello Kitty (58)

Entry is free and do not need any tickets.

Hello Kitty (59)


Hello Kitty (60)

Among few workshops, I believe this will take up the longest time as its a picture that you are going to put some glitter items in it.

Hello Kitty (61)

Hello Kitty (62)

Hello Kitty (63)

Hello Kitty (64)

Hello Kitty (65)

At official merchandise area, there are few items that certainly do capture my attention which is their collectables.

Hello Kitty (66)

Hello Kitty (67)

Clothes Stitch on. .

Hello Kitty (68)

And this collectables and below are full list of their items.

Hello Kitty (69)

Hello Kitty (70)

Basically for me RM 45 is just an entrance to go in selfie and take pictures around with 1 or 2 game you can play. The rest it is really up to you as some of it you might have to spend.

Hello Kitty Go Around in Malaysia

Date: 19th December 2015 – 19th January 2016

Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm
(Admission is allowed up to 45 minutes before closing time)

Ticketing Counter Opening Hour: 10.00am – 9.00pm

For enquiries, please contact us at
[email protected]


2nd Floor, VIVA Home Expo Hall
85, Jalan Loke Yew
55200, Kuala Lumpur


Viva Shopping Mall is directly accessible via Jalan Loke Yew from Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Cheras. You can also access Viva Home Shopping Mall directly from Jalan Cheras.
Access to Viva Home Shopping Mall from other parts of the Klang Valley like Petaling Jaya, Subang and Bukit Jalil is made very convenient via the Smart Highway, KL-Putrajaya Highway and Sungai Long areas.

BY MyTeksi:

Key in HKGA10 in the MyTeksi app to enjoy RM10 discount for 2 rides to & from Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Malaysia. For more information please visit http://bit.ly/HKGA15.


The Miharja LRT station is linked directly into Viva Shopping Mall via a covered pedestrian bridge. Station – Miharja

Operating Hours- 6.00 a.m. till 11.45 p.m. (Weekday) / 11.15p.m.(Weekend)

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Thanks for sharing all wonderful pic at Hello Kitty Go Around -VIVA !! 🙂

Taufulou 27/12/2015 - 8:03 pm

no prob.

have fun`


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