I am back from my Taiwan trip, it was one of the best country to visit especially for food lovers. Taiwan is already famous for its creativity as what we always seen in our Astro Channel and cannot deny that feel it myself on that country itself gives me a good exposure of what they are actually good at. Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe. Let’s cut things short and I will skip on a few post directly to this café as I am very excited to share with all of you yet I am a bit disappointed.

hello kitty

For all the girls who loves desert or loves camwhore, you would definitely would not want to miss this café if you hit to Taipei, Hello Kitty Café which is located in the heart of business district in Taipei nearby a Sogo shopping mall. After our great dinner, I directly request to head to this café as I saw my bestie Lyssa that just came back from her Taipei trip and saw this place but I was late and the café was closing and that is why me and my friends were disappointed but it did not stop us from storming in the café.

The outlook of the shop had been very eye catching by the whole design and concept store. What I get to know that, Hello Kitty in Taiwan is consider one of the hit thingy in the industry as alot of my friends are talking about it.

hello kitty (2)

On their window panel they have decorated all the cute kitty dolls and the accessories and chocolate item look so cute and nice.

hello kitty (4)

Most of waitresses were busying cleaning up the restaurant and we were busying in there taking pictures. I will be the replacement to host all the guest. Most of waitresses were busying cleaning up the restaurant and we were busying in there taking pictures. I will be the replacement to host all the guest. (as my friend said – if I were standing there, there would not be a customer walking in . .  CELAKA!)

hello kitty (5)

Let me introduce you my new found friend Eva and Tina which is Ah Pak’s friend that they are Taiwanese that will be seating you around.

hello kitty (6)

Cute chocolate box and gifts are available to cater for special occasions.

hello kitty (7)

With all the cute menu and the design of each desert presentation is so unique.

hello kitty (8)

hello kitty (9)

The whole café are decorated with big comfort sofa’s, interior that decorated with Hello Kitty designs, walls and tables . . .

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  1. Oh my goodness, everything is so super cute! 🙂
    (So sayang to eat it lah)
    (Oh, and sorry but I half agree with your friend – your black shirt and no big smile does not match the Hello Kitty concept! You must wear pink and maybe a ribbon then it will be better…. :P)

    • Taufulou Reply

      kekeke, yeah lu..it is ah..
      woahh..if wear like that i cannot imagine how am i going to look like..

      u guys most prob will rofl. . .

    • Taufulou Reply

      kawaii? -__-“” gai..me don wan to look kawaiii..damm G

  2. Yi…………!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna to visit one day soon…. perhaps next year.. =)

  3. Hi! I’m Angel from Candy Magazine, the leading teen magazine in the Philippines. We are doing a feature on Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe and I was wondering if we could use your second photo in this blog post. We will credit you, of course, if it’s published in the mag. Kindly e-mail me if this is okay with you. Thank you! 🙂

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