Tropicana can be considered like one of my second favourite place for movie. With its easy parking and nearby my work place. Recently I found one new place eating place in Tropicana Mall that offers pretty good food as I have been here quite alot of times for my lunch or dinner is this new place HK Kitchen.

When this new place was open, I was pretty skeptical to try it and ignore it till I was sick with other food and decided to give it a try. Since then had become regular of this place.

hk kitchen (1)

Love its decoration like how it reflects on the small little eatery in a back alley in Hong Kong.

hk kitchen (2)

I am sure that many of you would be familiar with the road signage that is being put up if you have travel to Hong Kong or watch TVB dramas. 😀

hk kitchen (3)

hk kitchen (2.0)

hk kitchen (4)

Menu here is pretty simple that smack right infront of you that you do not have to scratch head on what to eat, with only 7 items for you to choose for mains and some little sides for you to go along.

hk kitchen (2)

One of my favorite dish is this Steam rice with with Mince Meat & Salted Fish @ RM 9.50 along with Iced Milk Tea @ RM3.50. There is nothing much to shout about for Milk Tea for a HK outlet as my expectation is high when it mention HK items.

hk kitchen (5)

Steam rice with with Mince Meat & Salted Egg @ RM 9.50 as comparing those too, I still prefer the one with Salted fish as the taste is more pungent and fragrant. Their salted fish is aromatic and the soy sauce at the bottom pairs very well with it. Recommended!

hk kitchen (6)

Steam Rice with Pork Ribs in Spicy Fragrant Chinese Sauce @ RM 12. This is another great dish by them that its very simple with little spicy and sour end yet the meat is well marinated and nice to go along for a simple meal.

hk kitchen (3)

My colleague always have this as whenever we are here, this is the only thing that she prefers to eat. Macaroni with Braised Minced Pork in Fresh Tomato Soup @ RM 9.50. Something very simple yet love the soup base of it with mild sourish of tomato end, macaroni is boil to perfection and I prefer it to have an egg. If you are sick and need some flavour in your food, this would be one of my recommendation.

hk kitchen (4)

Osmenthus Jelly Cake with Wolfberry Seeds @ RM 3.50. As for desserts, this piece would only attract those who love classic Chinese dessert as the taste is quite unique and I have eaten better ones before. Not bad and worth to try.

Upon paying my meal at the counter and I saw the name card place there only realise that no wonder why their food is consistant and good whereby its the same owner as one my my favourite restaurant in Uptown known as Hong Kong Private Kitchen (click here).

As I think off, this place would be like their Express outlet. Pretty good stuff if you do not mind for a simple meal.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, Love it and recommended if you looking for something simple. -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

HK Kitchen
Lot LG 19 Lower GF
Tropicana City Mall
No 3 Jalan SS20/37
47400 Petaling Jaya
(next to Ninja Joe)



  1. Very interesting name with amusing decor, food looks simple but more like home-cooked style, would love to try them out 😀

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