Disney’s Hollywood Hotel @ Disneyland Hong Kong

I have been to Hong Kong a few times already and here is one of my past places that I have visited (click here) Hong Kong Disneyland, one of the latest attraction in Asia yet if you are heading here with family and have not plan for your accommodation, there are 2 options that either you can stay at hotel at Disneyland where one of it is Disney’s Hollywood Hotel or you can opt to stay some where a bit far which is in the Hong Kong city itself as either way, it is very convenient with their available MRT public transportation.

As for this round before we head back to our country, we decided to change our accommodation and stay at this Disney’s Hollywood Hotel as Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is fully booked. One of the reason we choose to stay here as Disneyland is pretty near the airport therefore after we check out we can direct head to the airport by MRT or taxi which save our time.

hollywood hotel (1)

As we arrive at the hotel, the hotel concierge is very friendly by greetting us and helping to unload all our luggage from taxi and told us to check in leave our luggage here as once check in from the front desk, just provide our room number then they will send our luggage up,

hollywood hotel (2)

This is cool, for the first time I see my room key with Toy Story, Woody pic in it. Was told by the front desk the key is for us to kept after checking out as a token of souvenir. I am gonna make it like my instant camera version by writting at the bottom when I am back.

hollywood hotel (3)

There are 2 wings in this hotel . . . .

hollywood hotel (4)

Even the lift panel button is with Mickey’s outline, really makes you like you are in Disneyland already even before you enter.

hollywood hotel (5)

In the hotel, one thing I love also is the lift, filled with marble panel on the wall and blue glass frame as in when you are standing inside the lift in 3 dimension feeling.

hollywood hotel (6)

hollywood hotel (7)

Walkway brightly lit up and the room service crew were very friendly asking us need any assistance and just buzz them when need any.

hollywood hotel (8)

Tadaaa.. this is our room, as I did not know that our room is filled with 2 queen size bed. Brightly light up, fill with all the room necessity we need, and the room come along with broadband and if you need WI-Fi its available at the lobby only. The internet connection in this hotel is super fast with 50MB speed provided even in lobby.

hollywood hotel (9)

hollywood hotel (10)

Mickey on the wall . .

hollywood hotel (11)

32 inch flat tv provided and first 10 channel are all on cartoons.. I think total there are about 50 channels for you to watch . .

hollywood hotel (12)

Toilet is pretty spacious with clean and simple interior

hollywood hotel (13)

Mickey paper cup for you if you bring any drink along with Mickey Lid  ..

hollywood hotel (14)

Even Conditioner and Bath Gel with Mickey cap. .

hollywood hotel (15)

hollywood hotel (16)

Not only that, in the room they provide good tea brand Dilmah . .and didnt know Nescafe is in the room too . .I thought would be another brand. :p

hollywood hotel (17)

Disneyland sugar. . :d

hollywood hotel (18)_resize

hollywood hotel (19)

These slipper were given to us and also were ask to take it home.. now become my room slipper. . yay~

hollywood hotel (20)

Oh ya, I choose the sea view and had a great view out from my room window .  just perfect for every morning when I wake up . .

hollywood hotel (21)

This is the pool view or garden view that my friend book themselves for ..

hollywood hotel (22)

On our hotel lobby, they have souvenir shop if you forgot or need to grab more items, this would be the last destination for you to do so.

hollywood hotel (23)

and check out my hotel night view, with mickey logo glowing .. .

hollywood hotel (24)

Overall, it was a pleasant stay with great hotel service staff as they are very helpful in  many manner. Our hotel room rate is HKD 1700 = about RM 850.

Besides that, to go to Disneyland they have Disney bus to take you there from all hotels with every 10-15 minutes per bus, and to head to Disneyland it is just 5 minits bus ride which is FOC. A service provided by the hotel.

For more info checkout their website – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 

Next round  if I do come again, one of my dream is target to stay Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, with cheapest room rate starting from HKD 1900. check it out their website how cool this hotel is. (click here)

Want to know more about Hong Kong Disneyland (click here for lots of picture)

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    09/03/2012 at 12:16 pm

    nice place ler…made me feel like going there soon… ^^

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    Diana Diane Teo
    09/03/2012 at 12:34 pm

    I also went Hong Kong few times but never got the chance to stay here cause too mahal. Now working and start saving so can stay here next time going Hong Kong again. Oh ya! Is the hotel rate of HK1,900 included breakfast?

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    Wah……I wana stay there too…this is in disney land itself? or out?

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    Yer….. how come la suddenly so many people travel to HK??? Beside u, i have few of my fren oso went there, there is this one went on her birthday..

    btw, Disney hotel is so beautifulllllllllll.. i wanna go DISNEYLAND alsoooooo

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    not bad!

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    omg, so nice weh. I stayed over at hard rock hotel penang, room rates the same, but it’s nowhere as nice as this one. ok, sorry that was unrelated. hehe..

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    Nice hotel! And nice view from your room! : )

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    all the facilities are great and interesting to check in….

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    i want to go to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel someday…

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    Afzal Shahzad
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    i have visit the hotel site this very beautiful sight seeing so wonderful looking so nice
    i can.t write in my words that how is beautiful hotel

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      cannot agree more than you.. its impressive~

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