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Genre: Romance/ Comedy

During Chinese New Year, Tiger Woohoo had mades its impact on our local film industry and had made a big buck after that, here comes another great local movie acted by a lot of local and international artist from Taiwan which is the latest film Ice Kacang Puppy Love. This film had made another huge impact on our local film industry which I totally feel it’s a great start to compete with Singapore and Taiwan. The quality and story line is there.

Since the opening last Thursday, its hard to get ticket for this movie, been either left front 2 rows or full house not until yesterday manage to get a good seats on the very last minute.

It is a great story that brings up a lot of childhood memories especially to guys and girls that had puppy love during teenage time and its about ah niu like a girl that unable him to express his love towards his childhood friend till they head off to pursue individual career, yet surprise ending too. Recommended local movie with laughter and love~

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Those who say local movie is not in good quality with nice story line, just catch this one. A good exposure of our local movie quality and story line.

ps: i just like the names they used in the movie

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 9/10, Great local show, Recommended~~~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —


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  1. My colleagues told me to go watch it too! Now I'm SO tempted to go…need to find some good kaki to watch with first πŸ˜› How've u been, Taufulou? It's been awhile since we last met!

  2. Big Boys Oven Reply

    want to watch this too! so my childhood scene! lovely! so much of memories! my kampong! so my time

  3. uli: go go go ~

    perutbesi: hehehe, go la, its a nice movie lei.. ask your housemate loh..:)

    yeah loh…been quite sometime d lu after the last outing..keke~ I am good ah..tq~

    mimid: it is oh, on my view la~

    BBO:yeah..was film in your kampung create such a feel, not bad not bad~

  4. Hmmmm… interesting…
    But are there English subtitles? My chinese is so bad…

  5. richard khor Reply

    i wan to watch last 9 at midvalley… Unfortunately… fully book

  6. i was thinking about this movie when i saw the advert.. just saw the trailer on ur post. i hope it's lighthearted though..

  7. never thought of watch this but after your recommendation, will give it a try !

  8. j: hehe..only know you and me also the english and malay sub 1..

    xin: aiyo..u don bomb so many places then u got time to see arleady..keke

    wen pink: πŸ˜€ then you watch liau a not?

    richard: till yesterday also still pau cheong..

    leschua: hmm, that depends on that individual 1 colleauge said its okay but me and my friend feels its nice..:)

    saucer: heee, not nice don blame me ah~

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