It was fun on last Friday where we get a chauffeur to ferry us from our work place and all the way to this new launch campaign by Carlsberg to unveiled a new style.

They are doing this new campaign ‘If Carlsberg did…’. The campaign demonstrates what the ‘world’ would be like if it was as superior as Carlsberg beer. This campaign has been running in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and a range of other markets around the world, and Malaysia is now ready to take this a step forward based on strong local insights that ring true to our consumers within the region. “This campaign that we are embarking on is unique, as it plays with Carlsberg’s trademark humour and imagination,” said Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. “It reflects well on the brand’s commitment which strives to deliver the finest quality in everything it does since 1847, especially its beer,” she added.

Carlsberg (1)

Engaging consumers from a digital front, Carlsberg’s thematic campaign was launched with a 30-second web video which offers an amusing and refreshing take on a common experience of an everyday beer drinker. The video captures a man’s weariness as he accompanies his girlfriend while she shops. The story takes a twist when he discovers, to his sheer delight, a men’s oasis behind the walls of the fitting room. This video was produced locally and will be released in other Carlsberg markets around the world. “It is definitely a cheeky take on a couple’s shopping experience.

Just in my own thought “if Carlsberg did come out with this whole new cool concept for guys in reality with this hidden fitting room, this would be like a dream come true where we do not need to worry for a quick break out space”

What I mean if below the video convert into a actual cool space for us. 😀

Carlsberg (2)

They is what they have done by converting the whole Gold Class cinema at Pavilion to make the whole experience come thru. If this is really true, then it would be just awesome! A break with darts, pool, massage and best of all a pint of Carlsberg at your hand while doing all this.

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Carlsberg (4)

Carlsberg #ICD - 3


Taking the campaign beyond the screen and bringing it to life in a way that engages consumers, shoppers around Pavilion and Mid Valley Mega Mall in KL, Gurney Plaza in Penang and The Shore in Malacca, were taken by surprise on Friday and Saturday, with those carrying shopping bags being treated to a complimentary pint of Carlsberg at participating Carlsberg outlets.

Here is one of a happy shopper that get to redeem a pint during their shopping. Izin’t, that is great. I believe there will be a lot of guy accompanying their girlfriend to shop or even themselves. A great treat.

Soon they will be running the Carlsberg “Get-Together” Night at selected outlet during this events as diners will stand a chance to win a barrel of Carlsberg at the outlet. This provides a unique experience for consumers in these outlets as they do not normally enjoy Carlsberg fresh from tap. Discover the world of “If Carlsberg Did…” at Stay tuned.


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