Kitchen Gadgets.! I always love kitchen Gadgets. Just do not know why. I find it quite interesting as the innovation in kitchen utilities is rather impressive. Innochef Touch is one of the latest gadget that just launch, to make our kitchen prep less miserable.

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A smart device that can prep your meals within minutes and also create less messy. A tool that indeed I wish to have with simple reason as below:

InnoChef Touch comes with 13 functions in one machine – weigh, grind, blend, shred, grate, whip, emulsify, knead, stir-fry, steam, stew and slow cook, etc.,

Best of all, it can be connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi, enabling you to access a library of Eastern and Western recipes for FREE. Just follow the recipe with their 7-in touchscreen to guide us every single step. From measurement of ingredient in the machine, to add on condiments and others. Just tick it off as you go. Whola, a homecook masterchef is in the making.

I did mention that it cook your meals in minutes and with a heating temperature up to 140°C, it lets you serve up a steamy, tasty dish as fast as 5 minutes.

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check out the functions through this video: 

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A multi function tool that comes with the cook pot and steam pot as separate.

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Can cook your favourite jelly with it.

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another of their cool tool is this Air Fryer, Oven and dehydrator. will be a perfect toy for me too.

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Can create your kids bento box in minutes.

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During the launch, they have invited our local famous celebrity Datuk Dr Chef Wan. Introducing us the usage of this equipment and also embedded with his own recipe too.

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You can cook your favourite Stir Fried Kangkung in this machine without worrying intense flavour flying around and oil bursting into your kitchen with massive smoke. This equipment covers it all and cook it less than 10 minutes.

For more information or enquiry about InnoChef Touch: please send in message to InnoChef Malaysia FB page

or get in touch with personal agent : Shan Li – +60 12-307 5022

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With Datuk Dr Chef Wan.

best of all is that those of you who ask me in Instagram what is their promo and when will it end. Here you go on the Special Promo till end of June, that RM 5,888 comes with a unit of Innochef Touch + Innochef Air Fryer. with this 2 hand in hand, it certainly completes your kitchen equipment that you needed.

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