More mobile operators are recognisng the new trend of smart phone user. Many of us tends to stick onto our phone even some of my friends are using it like their mini PC. One of my best friend, when her smartphone brokedown, she also broke down cuz it had blend into her daily life by watch Youtube, listening to songs, downloading things, reading online paper and the phone is just part of her. She cant afford to have anything wrong with the phone, that I rate her she is a super heavy user.

Guess what? Currently there is a new package for heavy user, that some of us rarely make phone calls as we have application like Viber, Watsapp and some other application that make us do things for free yet it increase our usage of data plan that we subscribe too.

Introducing Celcom First Data is a new broadband that provides instant connectivity with high speed access on your mobile phone, anytime, any where with a very reasonable rate.

celcom first

Celcom First Data offer easy experience that is hassle free, Easy and convinient registration, Satisfaction Guarantee, which is exclusive to Tablets and smartphone users that all offers under Celcom which is no.1 broadband provider in Malaysia.

Not only that it stop here, it offer plans as low as RM68 (mAdvance Plus plans) per month that comes along with 3GB with free 60 minutes voice call and 60 sms to all network. Seems reasonable which is cheaper than my other package that I am contracted to at the moment. User on this packages will enjoy high speed connectivity  downloads of up to 7.2 Mbps at an affordable price that has capabilities of (DL : Up to 7.2Mbps, UL : Up to 2Mbps)Speed will be throttled when you reach your maximum data volume.

Check out the plans below with 2 options:

celcom first 2

Or if you decided to go on other types of plans which is available by volume purchase at very affordable price:

  • 100MB @ RM 3
  • 500MB @ RM10
  • 1GB @ RM 15
  • 5GB @ RM50

To subscribe to Celcom First Data plans, visit any Celcom outlet near you or log on to Celcom First Data website (click here)


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