I still remember till date that, with a huge hype all over social media and online platform when they just open its door back early this year is such an impact. Hakata Ippudo Ramen is making alot of my friends talking bout it with their great experience in Singapore and now its available in Malaysia.

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I guess their marketing paid off and of course with a well establish brand such as Hakata Ippudo that is so well known in Singapore is now making its second mark outlet in The Gardens Mall. I have visited their first outlet a few times this year (click here).

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Upon this launching, they have also added new item into their list. Ippudo Veggie Noodle.

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Now, a vegetarian can also enjoy ramen in this shop as I find it very nice as its serve in cold. Classic silky noodles tossed in Ippudo’s house special sauce served with assorted veges. Ramen is smooth, aromatic with their house sauce making me slurp the whole plate pretty fast.

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I love their Pork Bun, Steamed bun with braised pork and ippudo’s original sauce. .  the only set back is its not consistent. Sometimes its good and sometimes its not really there.

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Among the list, I have always prefer their Karaka-men – original tonkotsu based broth with special spicy miso, cashew nuts and ground pork.

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 Anna is enjoying her ramen with a satisfaction face. . .

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Akamaru Shinaji is Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special- blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, belly chashu, kikurage and spring onions.

Currently they have 2 outlets to serve your cravings,

1) Pavilion KL – Connection Level 4 (11am – 11pm)
2) Gardens Mall – Level 3 (10am – 10pm)



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