In Ippudo, they have created a new trend for themselves by constantly featuring seasonal items for diners to explore. From 6th of July to 30th September you can expect a few items that you should not miss.

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Introducing Marinated Cream Cheese with Crispy Seaweed @ RM 21. It certainly do look tiny but the taste of cheese will amaze you. Filled with salty cream cheese serve with seaweed, leek and wasabi.

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We were thought by the chef on how to eat this dish by taking a slice of seaweed, then place a slice of cream cheese, a bit of leek and wasabi at the end. I must say its a perfect combination as fragrant of cream cheeze mix perfectly well with leek and seaweed that gives the freshness yet creamy end, wasabi gives you the extra punch at the end.

Its a starter that usually alot Japanese pair it with their beer or sake.

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Jumbo Ebi Tempura @ RM 38 – Gold brown and crispy tiger prawn tempura.

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For such a dish in such presentation sure do capture our attention. Ippudo Ocean Roll @ RM 18 – Grilled Salmon rolled up with avocado, crab stick & seaweed serve with fish roe and special teriyaki sauce is one of a recommended dish also.

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Salmon cook to perfection that is soft and inside you will discover difference of flavor from its terikayi sauce, mayo, little busting of fish roe and fresh taste of avocado. Well balance.

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Tokushima Ramen is feature as one of their seasonal menu that will be kicking off on 6th July till 30th September 2015. Usually their seasonal item is one of a item to hunt for as I have miss their last seasonal ramen – Black Spicy Ramen that do leave a good impression to many of us.

This round, Tokushima Ramen is cook with chicken and pork broth mixed together with dark soy sauce to create a rich and savory flavour. Serve with their signature ramen topped with generous slices of pork belly (Butabara) simmered in onion fused soy sauce, green onions (Negi) and bamboo Shoots (Menma). Raw egg top on it to add on the complexity of it.

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This seasonal product is another dish to hunt for as soup base is perfect as it do have little piggy taste and mild chicken taste at the end after taste. We were thought to drink the soup first before the raw egg yolk is being mix into the soup. After mixing the raw egg, it does add on a mild milky taste into it, by enhancing the flavor. (diners can opt not to have the yolk) but the main purpose of this dish is to eat with it as they are using high quality egg.

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Their pork belly slice is something to die for as it is cook to perfection. Rich in flavour from the marination, soft and slightly chewy to my liking.

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Available in all Ippudo Outlets in Bangsar, The Gardens and Pavillion.


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