Being a fan or ramen, I could not stop by hunting those few favourite ones and since went to Japan and dine one of the best ramen in Japan under Ramen Museum did set the expectation to another level.

Nevertheless, Ippudo ramen had then build its strong hold in Malaysia since the first day they started operate till now.

ippudo (1)

This outlet do reflect back what a typical ramen shop do look alike (not those on the street)

ippudo (2)

Moving to year 2015, IPPUDO Pavilion’s just launch their NEW Grand Menu from 1st April 2015 onwards as we were the few manage to get a chance to taste it much earlier.

ippudo (4)

Both have pretty distinctive taste as I love Matcha Smoothie, solid with green tea taste, smooth enough to my liking and some prefer Yakult Jelly Smoothie as its sour base yet very easy to drink and some jelly for you to chew.

ippudo (5)

For something very refreshing then this would be a great new option. Ginger Green Tea with pretty strong fresh ginger taste and I prefer hot, as the taste is more solid.

ippudo (6)

Dashimaki is Japanese fluffy egg roll with spicy cod roe is one of the appetizer that I would highly recommend. Its so good that is pretty near the same as I tried in Japan and too bad during this tasting portion we can only have 1 each. Its so soft, and fresh with slightly sweet end Just perfect !

ippudo (7)

ippudo (8)

Spicy Boiled Gyoza is another dish to look out for as its soft, ingredients were pretty generous and dip in their special soy sauce with chili oil.

ippudo (9)

A great start with a mouth full as Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko is just nice. Flavourful as the top is slightly torch burn and I have the whole plate myself.

ippudo (10)

Pork Grill

ippudo (11)

If you are a sucker for cheeze + Rice then Teppan Rice with Beef is something that you would not want to miss. Serve with creamy cheesy base that serve in a hot plate and quickly do a mini stir fried in it till the creamy cheese thicken and the rice mix well and the aroma of it will just kill you off. Fried Rice is fried till wok hei and I would juust say its a perfect combination.

ippudo (12)

Move to their ramen version, something clear yet solid and original would be their classic Akamaru Shinaji. In clear pork broth and ramen request to be hard to my liking.

ippudo (13)

ippudo (14)

Karaka-men is another version you can consider as its the spicy version. The just add on with spicy paste and some herbs that they have prepare.

ippudo (15)

ippudo (17)

Shiromaru Ramen is another ramen you would want to consider as this version is more different with soup base is different and also served with thick slab of braised pork. Pretty good stuff as its soft, juicy and tender.

ippudo (16)


ippudo (18)

Something that I have learned along the way, Shoyu Ramen or any shoyu base had always been in top of my list to try it out. as there are so many types of shoyu base that make it very interesting yet classic. Love this also as its a pretty simple soup base with classic soy sauce and top with a charsiew pork along.

ippudo (19)

For simple food, you might end up with Daifuku

Overall, I am simply impress with Ippudo new menu for 2015 and its certainly worth to try. If I were to ask what are the top 3 items to order, it will be as below:

1) Dashimaki
2) Teppan Rice with Beef
3) Shoyu Ramen or Shiromaru Ramen

Ippudo is available at Pavilion KL (Tel No: +603 21106233),

The Gardens Mall (Tel No: +603 2201 6238)

Bangsar Shopping Centre (+603 2011 6238)


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