Korean Wave is indeed hitting Malaysia hard! Shaker Fries, Korean fried chicken, and many more other Korean street food is now available in our shore.

Annyeonghaseyo!! Hail all the way from Korea – CunFry offering authentic Korean street food will be operating their first outlet in Malaysia!

I am excited and can’t wait to try them out! Got to know that CunFry is using only the finest ingredients and recipes from all over Korea to deliver unique, flavourful and downright addictive Korean Street Food!

I have always been a big fan of Shaker fries and YASS! They have Signature shaker fries. Shepody Potatoes imported from Canada are freshly fried, coated with in-house special fried powder and double fried to yield a crispy and golden perfection. Most importantly, sprinkle with CunFry’s unique homemade spices and shake it vigorously. Can’t wait to get a test out!


Next, as famous street food is Korean Fried Chicken. Each of the fried chicken are carefully selected 100% fresh chicken and marinated with in-house special sauce. Every piece is coated with CunFry special fried powder, deep fried to golden brown and moist perfection. Finishing it with hand-brushed to crispy perfection. As a saying to let you enjoy mouthful of crispy chicken experience!


Be sure to enjoy with a few selections of flavours:

  1. Hot and Spicy – a great choice for spicy lovers that they are sure to give you kick in your palate!
  2. BBQ – sweet and smoky will be a nice blend for BBQ sauce lover.
  3. Honey Butter – filled with sweet sauce then fried till golden and crispy. The sound of it is yumz!


Korean street food will never be complete if we are missing out Topokki. It is hard to find nice Topokki in Klang Valley, as the texture have to be like sort of chewing gum yet not too soft. CunFry’s toppokki is drench in sweet red chili sauce, creates a fiery, savoury and slightly sweet food perfection!

According to source, there are no official outlet have been announce yet but but but. .. …. They will be collaborating with Black Whale Malaysia, to be known as CunWhale.

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One of my favourite tea brands elevating their drinks up with cup holder and topped with Korean street foods. CunWhale is the all-in-one go-anywhere solution allow you to enjoy Korean street food while sipping on bubble tea at the same time.

Black Whale will be introducing 3 new soda beverages in this collaboration with CunFry. The crispy hot Korean street foods are paired with cold soda beverages, allowing you to experience an unprecedented refreshing sensation with every bite!

CunFry Official Facebook, IG

FB: https://www.facebook.com/cunfryasia

IG: https://www.instagram.com/cunfry.asia/

Looking forward for the official announcement.


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