Over the next 7 days, if you are working around KLCC area, do drop by into ISETAN, KLCC as they are running a Japan Sweets Fair which is a sweet extravaganza, featuring lots of Japanese sweets. The event started since 18th October and will be ending on the 30th Oct.

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During the little launch of the event, guess who is there? They got hold of Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai who specializes in French cuisine. Another special guests is none other than patissiers Chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka, who has made headlines for designing hats, bags, shoes and dresses that are not only good to look at but also good enough to eat.

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Upon their arrival, every one just flock around them to take picture and also to let them try their products. Besides that, alot of passer by and shoppers are very curious who are they and ask people around them to find out.

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In this fair, there are quite a few items that you can consider buying or have during your lunch/tea time such as Dango, Okowa, Anmitsu, Daikufu, Crackers, Scone, Cheese Cake, cool Ice Candy and Aragoshi Sake

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this Japanese Mua Chi or known as Sanshoku Dango comes in 3 flavour. Among those 3 I like sesame the best as its the yellow coloured.

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This is also another snacks that heavily promoted by the girls there. The scones are not bad. .

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This cheesecake is something new to me as the texture is pretty much different, as in my thought it would always be something like New York Cheeze cake, smooth and little creamy. This one is a bit hard and taste a bit rough sandy end. Some like it, and to me its alright as I try the Classic Cheeze.

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Another item worth to try is this warm Okowa wrapped in bamboo leaves is this fragrant sticky glutinous rice mixed with seasonal ingredients and vegetables.

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If you do consider buying  Aragoshi Sake I like the one with peach flavour the most. mild sweet yet the sake taste is still pretty visible.

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 If you do not like the food corner then head to their snacks corner with lots of choices for you to hunt for.

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 of course when the celebrity is here, how can we not take picture with them . . 😀

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If you are there, this is more details of the food item you can consider. Do drop by as the fair ends on 30th October. 🙂

Sweet Fair
LG floor of ISETAN in their food corner


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