Jarrod & Rowlins in Ampang, I feel its more like family get to gether place, as one of the reason I mention that because they have perfect kits play area which is something that many parents that are looking forward too. When I mention that, its not only limited to parents with kids as this J&R are pretty much well known to many people out there for a great hang out spot.

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A comfy place as most of the people here knows every one and I guess that would be quite a lot regular in this bar. .

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this is what I mean that they do have a perfect kids play area.

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Cutty Sark – 18 years old Single Malt is a brand that I have not tried before. Its created all the way back from 1923 and with 18 years old we can expect it to be another great bottle.  A bit nutty end with fragrant vanilla taste and of course its oakey. Loving it.

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Pork Ribs here are amazing as they are done to perfection that inside out is soft enough and taste is pretty strong that knowing they do have a strong marination on it.

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Masala Lamb Skewer with tortillas, rocket salad and raita is another dish that can consider as the lamb is soft and wrap it with the wraps that are given with ring of onions and the sauce is a perfect combination. @ RM31.50

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 Rock Melon with Dry Pork Ham

J&R (9)

If you are enjoying yourself with friends and beers, then do not miss this Dynamite Chili Sausage @ RM15.50. A perfect combination with beers while chatting away with friends that spice up your tongue. Its pretty spicy  ..

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J&R Mini Cheeseburgers @ RM18.00 that serve in a plate with 4 mini burgers is a plate great to be share. . Patty are made inhouse and the cheeze compliments alright with it.

J&R (15)

Creme Brulee here is not bad as the top part are burn to perfection and its pretty aromatic with sugar and the base of it is soft enough and not too sweet that make it a sweet ending. @ RM14.50

218 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Phone:03-2166 0708


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