How he appear out is damm geng.. in the black pyramid with 3-D image of him holding a light ball. . ..after the pyramid heading up then followed by

the sphere is coming down where his first performance coming down. . ..

 The lighting of the stage is really geng!

some duet song. . .

She is just so pretty, me and Pak were melted by her sweet smile .. .  when guy mention girl send eletric thru eyes is not so true, sweet smile also does. ..

Then with 3 white flat panel combine up . . is one of the most amazing thing i see for the night with great 3-D effect he do on it. . .

mirror image of Jay Chou .. .

There is actually 3 box in there for them to stand and sing. . .

Quite a lot of effect was involve in this scene. Its all thanks to 5 star recommend place by the ppl who draw in there, we only manage to catch 1/3 of the effect.. really Diu nia Mah!

To get clearer picture of what I mean, just enjoy the video . .


Then some of other artist performing while he is on short break . .. or changing clothes. . .

Just see the stage effect. .. its just awesome!

Then when Jay Chou came down the stage.. every one at RockZone and VVIP went Beserk, just ran towards bar there just to shake or touch his hand. . .

Then one of my friend he is in Rockzone taking all this super nice pics!

Let me tell you, it was one of the best concert that I have ever been, there is no interval in a concert and the flow of it, is just smooth and amazing with its stage, tools, and effect that blow our mind away. Next round, I am sure going to get VVIP tickets already. Worth every penny of it and we assume that to get all his equipments in, we think might take him at least 2-3 container in .. . and the crew and special appearance artist he bring in.. is alot!

Special Credits to my friend Jackson Cheah and Vvens for the pictures. ..and to owner of Youtube video  thanks alot!~!~!~

 Our after party area was suppose to head to @live at Sunway Pyramid but on that night, it was super packed then we change location to Library, IOI Boulavard Puchong. Then Pak got penalty by Shot Mistress of the night for 1 night shot to be down!

Kelly and Jason

All the Penang Kia’s

We all had a good time for the night and order 1 tower was gone in 5 minutes and 1 bottle was gone in 20 minutes. Thanks to our newly promoted Shot Mistress and PR Queen as both of them was SI bek on form. . .

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