Usually on weekend, many of us will look into the web and start looking where is our next destination for cafe hunting. It was by random when we are driving around for lunch and decided to stop by to try out this. JEQ in the House which is located the same row as Kana Curry House and I would regard them as the hidden gem in this area.

One of the latest establishment in this area is starting to gain its popularity among my friends.

JEQ (1)

JEQ (2)

Love their concept with wood and steel as they cleverly design in to be a very comfy place.

JEQ (3)

ITs a great place for photography too.

JEQ (4)

JEQ (5)

JEQ (6)

JEQ (7)

JEQ (8)

Their cakes selection are being well known by many, as I am in love with their Tiramisu and Macadamia Cheeze Cake. Price wise is definitely expensive but its good for once in a blue moon.

JEQ (9)

JEQ (10)

Seafood Aglio – Alio is one of their signature and it turns out to be good. Spaghetti is al dante and seafood just pairs well. Great dish.

JEQ (11)

Chicken Gorden Blu do not give me much good impression but constantly I will try it. To my surprise this turns out to be good. Stuff with chicken ham, oozing cheeze after cutting it and chicken breast is cook to perfection that is not too dry. Mash potato with its gravy is a great combo.

JEQ (12)

JEQ (13)

Since the barista have some time, he draw us some art with our cakes. Tiramisu was one of the main selection for dessert. Soft, alcohol is not too overpowering and the caramelise nut mixture on the top makes it a great crunch in the mouth.

JEQ (14)

JEQ (15)

At times I do crave for their Macadamia nut as I find that they are pretty generous with the nut. Cheeze cake is just nice as not too soft. Recommended!

JEQ (16)

Love their coffee too as its not too robust in taste, mild enough to pair with my cakes. Mocha is recommended as love their chocolate taste and when a good mixture of it create slight acidic taste.

JEQ (17)

For such a cafe, great food, great ambience and price is just right. What can we ask for.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, pretty good. Recommended! ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

JEQ In The House
No. 19, Jalan 17/45
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7932 2261


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