Jogoya (11)

Jogoya (12)

The sashimi is fresh and offer more than 10 choices of fish available. . .

Jogoya (13)

Jogoya (14)

Jogoya (15)

Jogoya (16)

Jogoya (17)

Jogoya (20)

Jogoya (3)

Fresh seafood selection and one thing is that, each table are given at least 7 clips, the purpose of the clips is for you to drop at his small little bowl as to place your order. All the clips have your table number.

If you see any interesting dish that you wanted to order, just place it on this small little bowl then the chef will cook and food will be serve to your table.

Jogoya (4)

Jogoya (5)

Jogoya (6)

Asian section  . . . .

Jogoya (7)

Chinese Cuisine section . . . .

Jogoya (8)

Fresh seafood .. .

Jogoya (18)

Jogoya (19)

Jogoya (21)

Another Fushion corner that offers a mix food, homemade Japanese soup, chinese soup and fried dim sum . ..

Jogoya (22)

Jogoya (23)

Jogoya (24)

Teppanyaki section . . .

Jogoya (25)

Jogoya (27)

Udon and shabu shabu . .

Jogoya (28)

Little Italian corner. .

Jogoya (33)

Drinks section and the best part is they offer White / Red wine upon request. . . as they do not display the cups but you just have to be wary on where the location of the sign is . . . ūüėČ

Jogoya (34)

Jogoya (35)

Super huge selection of desert available from cakes, snacks, and Ice CREAMMMM!!!!!!!

Jogoya (38)

Jogoya (39)

Jogoya (36)

New Zealand Natural

Jogoya (37)

and Haagen-Dazs . .

Jogoya (26)

Jogoya (29)

Jogoya (30)

VIP Card food selection . .

Jogoya (31)

Jogoya (32)

Jogoya (40)

My Ice-Cream Feast ..

Jogoya (41)

and all of them certainly enjoy their buffet as we dine from 6pm-10pm and we were super full on that night.

Well, I would say that their quality is not as bad as what I have heard and if you still plan to dine here, I still think its not a bad choice but please do make sure you go diet for a day before you come. Overall still not bad. . .

oh ya! if you do come here, do drink their young coconut drink which is their signature, that I have forgotten to take the pics on it and if you do come across any Special promotion on this Jogoya, like buy 1 free 1 or 30% or deals on any online group buying website. . definitely its a bargain . .

I have not dine many Japanese buffet spread but if you are looking for Japanese Fushion Buffet, Jogoya still stands out ..

Buffet Lunch
11:30~16:20 [Weekday]
11:00~16:20 [Weekend and PH]

Buffet Dinner
17:00~21:30 [Weekday]
17:00~21:30 [Weekend and PH]

Buffet Supper
21:40~24:00 [Weekday]
21:40~24:00 [Weekend and PH]

Child Fees
Height 80~100cm RM10++
Height 101~120cm Half Price++
Height 121cm above Full Price++

*All price are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, still not bad -Stamped-

‚ÄďWarning‚Äď This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

T3, Relish floor,
Starhill Gallery,181,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,55100
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Tel: +603-2142 1268

Website: JogoyaRestaurant

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  1. Although this is popular.. but till now i have no chance to visit it yet.. Dunno its quality really drop onot lor..

  2. 1st visit was like 2+yrs ago….What I love most was the HD ice cream & the coconut drink.
    Should I return? Should I? Should I? =p

  3. yeah it used to be very popular but not anymore as they are many other Japanese buffet places that are mushrooming in the city

  4. they have buy 3 free 2 promotion now, right? All yr pics are ….hmm…Sooo nice, it looks tastier than the food! ;D

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