Chili Crab. Who is into Chili crab? Another signature in Singapore is their famous Chili Crab. I have always been very curious what is the difference between theirs and ours.  My friend brought us to Jumbo Seafood at Dempsey Hill which is quite famous for their Chili crab and Pepper crab.

Jumbo Seafood (3)

Quite full house for weekdays as most of the tables are fully book.

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They do sell bak kut teh spices too. Tasted once before long time ago as their Bak Kut Teh is = to our pepper pig stomach soup.

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seems that this outlet won numerous awards too.

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They have 2 seating area, indoor and outdoor.

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Starting off with bamboo clams and it is huge. Steam is always the best option to taste the freshness of it, and this is indeed a classic dish. Add on with glass noodle, garlic and special soy sauce is the perfect way to eat this. Freshness of clams is there and simple taste and spot on.

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This dish caught my attention the most as this is not suckling piglet or peking duck. This is one of the restaurant signature. This is actually Chicken. Thin cut to make it similiar to suckling pig. It is so soft, and unique in texture. Great stuff.

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Braised Homemade Beancurd @ SGD 16 for small

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This is their signature. Chili Crab and of course must eat with Man Tao. Actually the taste of it is very similiar to Penang style. This dish is quite near to my mom’s cooking. Thick in sauce, with egg white. Some will have more sourness over spicy and the classic taste is sourness of it must be there.

Love the gravy here as they are slightly thicker, and crab is very fresh. Dipping man tao along is just a perfect combination. The impress part is the flavour is inside out of the crab.

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Next signature is their black pepper crab. Mild in black peppery spicy, just nice to keep you going and well coated onto the crab. Flavours of it is inside out too.

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Crab size here are big. It is more like XL size if in KL. look at the claws.

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We order fried rice to pair with the chili crab. So we do not waste on the gravy.

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Another introduction by my friend which is their favourite is this Scallop yam ring. MEdium size @ SGD 27. 6 big juicy fresh scallop wrap in yam and fried at the size. Fluffy, fragrant of yam and yam is moist. Did not overcook both the yam and scallop.

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last classic dessert is their yam paste dessert. According to them, it had change where it only used to be yam paste and ginko. That will be classic teochew dessert. This version i think might be too much for me after all the yummy dishes. Filed with corn base which I also believe the sweetness is from a bit of condence milk too. Too think for my liking but it is not too bad if were to share.

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Food here is good. what is my damage of my bill, I am not too sure as this meal as bought by my friend. I am guessing an estimation of SGD 180?

Great dinner place and Demsey Hill seems like a cool place to hang out, with so many F&B players in there. The only way to get there is by taxi or GRAB.

Jumbo Seafood
Block 11 Dempsey Road #01-16,
Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249673

operating Hours:
Daily : 12.00pm – 3pm. 5.30pm – 11.30pm

Tel: +65 6479 3435


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