Came to this place to dine because the owner of the Kopitiam is my friend’s friend. So she came here to pay a visit. There are 2 coffee shop at this junction. 1 corner each.

While I was waiting for my food to arrive then I spotted this stall which is called ‘RoyalRojak which quite alot of people buying from them. It is prepare by 2 kids. So I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly it did not disappoint me. The colour looks good and ready to be hantam. The ingredient in there was very very generous or either they boy did wrong for me, as the cuttlefish in there is alot. I mean there were like about 8slices and not the mini is a big 1 and I paid only RM4.80 for this which gave me a shock. I rate this as poison. Once start it never want to stop. We did ta pau back another packed to let the rest of them try. Highly Recommended
Food rating 10/10 , Veli Veli Good~

The next order came by was the ‘Chicken Rice with Roast Pork’ added. The taste of it is not bad but would not be my choice if I were to order there. RM 4.80 also.

Food rating 5/10 , Okay Nia~

This was recommend by the shop owner ‘Jar Jiang Mien’ which he rated very spicy till mouth blow fire and by listening to him I just ordered. The first taste in my mouth after putting in the chili I was like har..spicy? Not even a taste of spicy. Only realise that the shop owner cannot even take some spicy’ness. I was like haih..The taste of it so so only la. If it is spicy a bit more would taste good. RM4.80 for this also.

Food rating 5/10 , Okay Nia~

‘Pan Mee is another friend’s order. It is nicer compare to the other 2. The soup was well boiled with some ingredient and the taste of it is nice till 2 of us keep picking on this food. RM4.50 for this.

Food rating 6.5/10 , Okay ah..Not Bad~

-= KA CHING =-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


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