Lets start off with my Korea trip that is out of sequence, Everland Theme Park is pretty well known to many travelers where for this year also they are having Halloween Party from now till end of 31st October. This would be my second time in this theme park as my last visit was about a decade ago. . ūüėÄ Last round I came with tour and this round I am on Free & Easy Trip. do look out for tips in between my post. For one reason I came back to this park is their new ride – T-EXPRESS (Experience the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104km per hour and a 77-degree angle. The world’s superb wooden roller coaster will leave you with unforgettable memories you can treasure forever, source from Everland.com)

[long post: alot of pictures for you to scroll – Everland Theme Park]

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How to get there:

Subway + Bus
1) Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or Sinbundang Line), EXIT 10.
Take bus 5002 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min) Рwe depart from Gangnam .. 

2) Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 1.
Take bus 5800 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min)

3) Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Lines 2, 4), Exit 2 or 3.
Take bus 1500-2 to Everland. (Travel time: 80 min).

City Bus
From Yongin or Suwon, take bus 66 or 66-4 to Everland.

From Yongin Bus terminal.
Take bus 5002 or 5800 at the bus stop in front of Hotel Cinema.

Everland (1)

Just walk straight till you see this Who.A.U shop whereby you will see a bus station sign panel on the road side. You will first see a Paris Baguette Shop as there is where you take bus 5002 to Everland. Bus here is pretty frequent as about 15-20 minutes there is a bus to take you there. Journey to Everland takes about 50 minutes.

Everland (2)

Important note:

AS you reach Everland Bus station, you will need to take the transit bus to the main entrance of Everland and do remember how you go there, and exact location of the bus transit as when you are heading back, it would be the same way. At Everland entrance are drop off at no.4,5 Parking lot area. Just walk all the way straight for about 1 minute. . .

Everland (3)

You will reach the main entrance of Everland. Before we go into Everland, little fact about them:

  • Everland Resort is a theme park in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea. Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. With 6.6 million visitors, Everland ranked thirteenth in the world for amusement park attendance in 2011. source by¬†Wikipedia
  • Everland Resort was opened in 1976 as the first family park in Korea. Though originally called ‚ÄėYongin Jayeon Nongwon,‚Äô the company changed its name to ‚ÄėEverland‚Äô to make the name more recognizable to international audiences. The park is home to over 40 heart-pounding rides and attractions. In addition to ‚ÄėSafari World‚Äô featuring white tigers, tigers, lions and bears, ‚ÄėHerbivore Safari‚Äô opened in April 2010, letting visitors get up close and personal with the safari‚Äôs giraffes, elephants, and ostriches. Everland is also known for its gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful gardens, which have been year-round fixtures since the Rose Festival in 1985. Other great spots for family fun are the Snow Sled (the first and the longest of its kind in Korea), Caribbean Bay (an outstanding water park) and Everland Speedway (a racing track). Full of exciting attractions and entertainment, Everland is one of the most popular places in Korea for families, friends, and couples. (source from Visitkorea)
  • Nevertheless the huge theme park is divided into a few sections :
  1. Global Fair
  2. Americian Adventure
  3. Magic Land
  4. European Adventure
  5. Zootopia (open since 2010)

Everland (6)

For International Traveller please do remember to print out a coupon which you can obtain from their website (click here for coupon Рexp 30/04/2014) as with the coupon we are talking about 21% savings and if you come with a few friends or family members, you can save to buy meals in the theme park already. Coupon will look like as below:

discount coupon



Everland (5)

They have Day pass and night pass too. Any visitor that come after 5pm is consider night pass, price as above.

Everland (4)

 Buying ticket here is very fast as there are about 10-15 counters that are available. .

Everland (7)

 Right after the ticketing counter, got out printed ticket, lets head to the main gate. .

Everland (8)

 All the staff here are very friendly and greeted before entering ..

Everland (9)

 As for this season, the theme park is filled with all Halloween decorations and shows too. This top area that is near to the entrance is known as Global Fair section.

Everland (10)

This is a huge theme park, so best to plan how you going to walk thru it as most of the Rides especially, will take about 60-90 minutes queue average. From one end to walk to another end, distance can be easily 1km. .


  For latest attraction + map click here

Everland (11)

First thing first, as one of the main reason we came here on weekdays is to avoid the crazy queue in most of their rides. Second tip which is, if you are planning to watch the show, do get your tickets ready as this theme park is slightly different where you do not queue up for the shows you think you want to watch instead you have to head to their ticketing counter get all the show ticket before you do anything else. Once its given out means its OUT.

First stop, we stop by at one of their latest attraction which is K-PoP Hologram theater with PSY is their main figure.

Everland (12)

 Each every show, they would have a counter in front of them EXCEPT Madagascar show! Select the time you want, then grab your tickets for the show .. .

Everland (13)

 Upon entering, you will be guided by their staff to take pictures at the little booth. Reason being as below:

Everland (14)

¬†We are all feature as a back line dancer for PSY . . . ūüėÄ

For technology, I am really impress with the hologram technology being install in here and I am sure, in the future such thing would happen in our homes.

Everland (15)

 Photo Opp corner with PSY.

Everland (16)

 RIght outside, you will find this cute K-Pop Snack hut.

Everland (17)

 All the food item and Drinks are all filled with PSY . . .

Everland (18)

Everland (19)

As you walk further down, you will reach this tree, which is one of a signature tree that every one will mention or take picture with.

Everland (20)

Everland (21)

For Madagascar show, do take a ticket from TICKET & INFORMATION counter as they are only available in 4-5 places inside the park. What we did was I head directly all the way down to the theather to get tickets, to dissapointment we have to go located this booth to get the ticket printed. Wasted quite some time in this.

Everland (22)

This show is always out as its one of a main attraction for kids too. ..  So do grab your tickets earlier as while stock last.

Everland (23)

There are a few disappointing time such as, we wanted to go into PORORO 3-D Adventure and KIZcovery, we were decline to enter cuz we do not have kids, therefore we could not go into the attraction. Besides that, another fellow told me that its in Korean, then still we cant go in. DUH! what ever language it is, we still would want to experience the film/attractions. This is the first time that I came to a theme park that they set such rules. Pretty sad as I rush uphill and downhill for this 2 shows.

Everland (26)

Everland (36)

In this area is basically for you to shop for souvenir and dining area as there are quite number of dining area spotted. Then you can have the option to take their little cable car/ chair lift, heading downhill.

Everland (37)

Everland (38)

 Baby service is available too . .

Everland (24)

 Then we stroll all the way down hill passing thru this nice fresh flower decorations area. ..

Everland (25)

 AS we were heading downhill then we bump into one of their performance РHalloween Parade at Carnival Square.

Everland (27)

Everland (28)

Everland (29)

Everland (30)

Everland (31)

Everland (32)

Everland (33)

 Center of the park, if you are lazy to walk uphill, there is a escalator to bring you up.

Everland (34)

Hurricane at Americian Adventure is one of a famous attraction from young to old that brings your adreline to another level. I wanted to take the ride but the queue was tremendously long and right after the sign of 90 minutes, the queue still continue to another end.

Everland (35)

Everland (39)

They are pretty strict on the timing of the show as in the board outside, did mention those who are late would not be entertain. . . therefore, please be there on time or before that.

Everland (40)

 Its a full house and pack with kids. Language is in Korean that we guess alot of their visitors are from Korea. . . We are not allow to take pictures/video in here and manage to snap 2 before the lady came stop me.

Everland (41)

Everland (42)

Everland (43)

 Right next to Madagascar Theater, you can see this huge nicely decorated area known as European Adventure.

Everland (44)

 I believe in this area, if its spring, it would be so nice that filled with alot of types of flowers that are booming.

Everland (45)

IF you plan to stay here till 9pm, then this is the place that you must be at all cost. One of the main reason is that the fireworks will be lighted from this section. РDream of Lacium that filled with magical illusion and the thousands of fireworks, laser and special lighting in the night.

Everland (46)

Everland (47)

Everland (48)

 Right at the far end of the corner, this is where all the eatery, nice beers you can get in this Holland Village.

Everland (49)

 Love how all this beer booth looks design with individual brands for you to hunt for.

Everland (50)

 Architecture in this area is classic European style ..

Everland (51)

Everland (52)

Everland (53)

Coincidence, there were a function in the park on that day, its more like charity fund raising thing, so we stop by to watch for a while as we see many young people running to this area and to check them out. .

Everland (54)

Everland (55)

 Don really know who these girls are cuz there are too many K-POP group in the market already and it seems that the locals know them well.

Everland (56)

Everland (57)

 This is where I need some beer to recharge already . . .:D

Everland (58)

Everland (59)

Right after some beer, we were pretty hungry already and without realizing its already 4pm. Decided to try this Burger Cafe cuz right at the entrance there, they have another outlet and its pack with people.

Everland (60)

Everland (61)

 Order a set to try it out their Premium Big Burger @ 8100 won (bout RM 24)

Everland (62)

The taste of the burger turns out to be good, above our expectation and easily beat Burger King in Malaysia. Patty is pretty huge, moist and juicy yet fragrant. Bun is soft and it was just a perfect burger to feed us or maybe we were just hungry. I would say its one of my recommended if you are in the theme park.

Everland (63)

Everland (64)

 Right after the meal, we head back to Carnival Square for Carnival Fantasy Parade

Everland (65)

Everland (66)

Everland (67)

Everland (68)

Everland (69)

Everland (70)

Everland (71)

Everland (72)

Everland (73)

Everland (74)

Everland (75)

Everland (76)

Everland (77)

Everland (78)

Everland (79)

Everland (80)

Everland (81)

 Right after the show, I am hunting for Churos, as I saw alot people eating it. .

Everland (82)

Everland (83)

¬†Found this food stall with people lining up means there’s good food and where my Churos are. .

Everland (84)

One stick of Churos is 3000 won (about RM9) and it was gone in seconds. Serve warm, and the dough is soft yet the cinamon sugar is fragrant and coat well onto the stick.

Everland (85)

Everland (86)

Behind this area is this Picnic zone. ITs cool that they do provide one and people can bring their own food and eat in here.

Everland (89)

Everland (90)

Everland (87)

 Ice cream too alot people are eating. Grab one Vanilla mix chocolate. Not my type of ice cream that I like. ..

Everland (88)

 Popcorn is fragrant that you can buy it along with cute tumbler. .

Everland (91)

Another big blow for me on that day is that their T-Express is under maintenance and this is one of the ride I have been looking forward too for months. Don know what to say!

Everland (92)

Since this section is a new area that I got to know by watching the Korean reality show – Global we got married and I am keen to hop into it, known as ZOOTOPIA. I wanted to get into another ride by hop into wrong area first. NEvertheless Amazon Express is pretty cool. We felt like we were in Jurassic Park movie. Why is that so. .I will explain below:

Everland (93)

I queue about 65 minutes to hop into this bus and right before entry of the bus you can see on the board, how many animals they have in their wild life zone today. That’s alot of lion we are talking about.

Everland (94)

Everland (95)

 Here we go  .. .

Everland (96)

 First wild life cage area, white tiger which I have not seen one before. Its huge!

Everland (97)

 Not only one, as there are more white tiger in this section.

Everland (98)

This is what I mean we felt like we were in Jurassic park movie. Right before we enter into any other wild life cage, we will go thru a security cage, with front gate open, then close from behind with green lights then only the front gate will open. This is to ensure that the wild life animal do not mix and if there is any of the animal following, they can still put them back. Its all so secure that they animal would not run away because they have put on electric security barb wire all around the perimeter.

Everland (99)

 hyena is next. .

Everland (100)

 Follow by Lions ..

Everland (101)

Everland (102)

Everland (103)

 then tiger. .

Everland (104)

Everland (105)

 owl ..

Everland (106)

 Last is Bearss. . . For the first time, I saw such a huge ass bear!

Everland (107)

Huge, I mean its really huge as this bear stood up 2 legged and run to the driver. Stood as high as nearly 3/5 of the bus height. This bear is cute as the driver give command to him, then he will act, then be rewarded with snacks.

Everland (108)

 Last bear we encounter before we move out is this bear, have to act like praying and walk with 2 leg. So cuteee .. . For this adventure, best to seat on the left side or where the drivers seat are.

Everland (109)

This is the attraction that I am suppose to hop on first because of the uniqueness of the journey. Get to go on ground first, then head to river then back to on ground is this LOST VALLEY and we guess its sponsor by Samsung, as this area is so well maintain and looks more classy compare to the others.

Everland (110)

Everland (111)

We thought the queue is not that bad as we hop on with the rest of the crowd it took us 100 minutes to get on board.

Everland (112)

Everland (113)

 While waiting, you would be board as you will get to see some animals too. .

Everland (114)

Everland (115)

 ITs so well planned that even they have parking zone for parents with prams that can go by zoning.

Everland (116)

 Alot of people reach this section their eyes are glued to this 2 cute white baby tiger. Its not a doll as they are alive. . .:D

Everland (117)

Everland (118)

There are a few sections for you to see as head into the indoor secton, you will be spam with all Samsung UHD TV that feature amazing pictures of the animal to showcase their latest product. Resolution is so amazing that it looks nearly like 3-D

Everland (119)

See what I mean, as the queue we head in was still bright and now its already late evening. Here comes our unique ride that can hope into land and river. .

Everland (120)

 Visited Camel . .

Everland (121)

 Follow by this as thought they look like a animal in picture. So well coordinated.

Everland (122)

Everland (123)

 Then head into river as the vehicle transform into a boat now!

Everland (124)

 Elephant Zone ..

Everland (125)

 white tiger zone ..

Everland (126)

 alot of giraffe from young to adult. . For this ride do sit on the right side of it as most of the animals you can see is on the right side! Besides that, it will be depending on luck when reach the giraffe section as the bus driver will feed the giraffe then the whole head will head into the bus. If its at your side, then you are lucky enough that you get to touch it.

Everland (127)

Everland (128)

When the night comes, temperature here change drop pretty fast and its getting colder. Best advise to bring a sweater or jacket if you do come in autumm/spring. Head to our last section Horror Village.

Everland (130)

 there were some performance too .. .

Everland (131)

 with photo opp with the Halloween character.

Everland (132)

 Then right far behind the section, they have a HORROR CLUB FEST! you can get your face painted, and grab all the theme food for halloween such as Mummy Hot DOg, Eyeball ade series that ghost have drop (blue lemon / Grapefruit) and many more.

Everland (133)

As you are walking up the hill, you will be attack by zombies if you are busy talking to you friend then that’s where they come to you. . ūüėÄ

Everland (134)

 Love their stage with DJ spinning in the deck.

Everland (135)

Everland (136)

AS I thought it was late evening already and the queue of this ride will be shorter, for Rolling X-Train with triple loop turn, yet its still about an hour wait. . .decided to head back then as the weather is too cold here.

Everland (137)

 The whole place is lit up and it look so different.

Everland (138)

IF you are in South Korea and do not know where to go party, can try out to party at this theme park for their Halloween fest.

Everland (139)

Overall, I prefer their CHRISTMAS Decor series which I think will start on November onwards. Most of the staff will dress up in elves, santa and many more character and the whole theme park look so lively. Do come early to this theme park as they do have EXPRESS Pass that are given out to visitors with limitations only. How to obtain that, I have no idea, can check with their information counter.

Second time here, not really a good experience for me with the restrictions and the ride is under maintenance. Suddenly find that Hong Kong Disneyland is better although I know its different category.

Everland (140)

If you are going to Everland as international traveller, do print this coupon as you safe about 22% – click here.

After the Everland Theme Park, we head down to Gangnam area for dinner and a short walk.


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