An nyoung ha seh yo. . . . . Ottoshimnikka? (How are you)
I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of what Korea feels like that Eccucino is having a Korean Food Festival organize by Lotte Hotel World Seoul Korea collaborate with Prince Hotel to organize this great event from 11th to 21st March.

Korea Fair

With some showcase of Korean art and some girls and guys dress in traditional Korean dress to welcome the guest.


Korea Fair (2)

Korea Fair (3)

All the invited media and VIP guest that attend this event which I can say half of the hall is filled with Koreans and when I hear the girls convey in Korean immediately that song humming in my mind again, ‘Nobody nobody but you’ . . . . (I guess this song is addictive enough) and the guest are just pretty.

Mr Choi Dong Gou, Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea had officially launch the Festival on 11th March 2010 in front of 80 VIP Guests and media/press invited for the event. This is also supported by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Korean Chamber of Commerce Kuala Lumpur, The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia, Samsung Malaysia, LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor Company.

Korea Fair (4)

The new GM for Prince Hotel giving out a speech . . .


Korea Fair (5)

The exotic Korean dish for the night that filled with origin taste which Prince Hotel had imported 3 great Korean Guest Chef which lead by Chef Han Chang Soo and his culinary team, Chef Kim Song Ki & Chef Yun Jong Hwan direct from Lotte Hotel World Seoul Korea and Prince Management team.

Korea Fair (6)

The chef were demostrating how to prepare the traditional dish accordingly.Korea Fair (7)

Korea Fair (8)

Korea Fair (9)

Korea Fair (10)

The tester for the night would be the chef’s wife.Korea Fair (14)

I surely do miss all authentic flavor or Korean which I felt the taste that prepared by these 3 chef is absolutely good.

Korea Fair (15)

Bim Bap, Sateed Vegetable with Potato Noodles, and their Chicken Bulgogi is top notch. I have 3 rounds of this. I would say the best so far.

Korea Fair (16)

Korean Fried Rice, Sauteed Bean Curd and Kim Chi Rice . . . .

Korea Fair (23)

During our dinner we were presented by a show that is featured by 3 professional drawing actors, Kyu Jeong, Kim Jin-Kyu & San Lee presenting us a Charlie Chaplin style which is full with action ‘Drawing Show’ that will surprise you and its non verbal end with special effects. This talented group were flew in and sponsor by The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia.

Korea Fair (24)

Korea Fair (25)

I just love his hairstyle. Did ask the rest what if you do your hair like that and walk in Pavilion. (keke).

Korea Fair (26)

Korea Fair (29)

Just by looking at their face (so stonne) also makes you want to laugh.Korea Fair (30)


Kick start with a drawing of a city filled fireworks and seriously, theese guyssss really draww with their bare hand.

Korea Fair (31)

Korea Fair (32)

Tadddaaa, present you the very first piece of their artwork. We were impress.

Korea Fair (33)

When they pulled out the piece of sugar paper, shock us that, there actually a t-shirt behind it and its written:


and presented this sovinier to one of the VIP’s.

Korea Fair (34)

Next guy came on and he look pretty serious, then with a great background music and start drawing.Korea Fair (35)

Korea Fair (36)

End with a moutain piece suddenly they switch off the lights and we were totally shock yet amazed with the effected that they had add in.

Korea Fair (37)

Waterfall flowing on the background!

Korea Fair (38)

Next come with another bigger piece of white paper.

Korea Fair (39)

With the background music more ‘Kan Cheong’.

Korea Fair (40)

Then drew this. . . . .

Korea Fair (41)

With his hand effect~

Korea Fair (42)

Korea Fair (43)

and after lit up, we were like wahhhh!!!! we stunned a while and was like. . . . he is totally thumbs up!Korea Fair (45)

Korea Fair (46)

To the end of the show, they were colouring on the 2 piece of the white board that written out that.

Korea Fair (48)

Dance a little which is very funny.

Korea Fair (49)

the END of the show and I have add in the 4 mins video to give you guys a glimpse of how he drew it.
Few more video’s to add in, still waiting for my friend, be Patient~


and with all of us enjoying our night, impress by the show and we did mention that if were to pay to see this show, worth the value of it. Group photo with the chefs and the rest of us, Witch, Sunny and Sidney, Ken, Xin, Me, Yeong, Coco and Brandon.

Their Korean festival ends on 21st March which is this Sunday. Make your reservation and try out their Korean food.

Prince Hotel
Eccucino (Grand Lobby)
Jalan Conlay (opp Pavillion KL)

Tel:03 2170 8888 ext 8119/8120.


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