Its been a while since I last went to a fashion event and as for this round, The Kronenbourg 1664 L’Aperitif Fashion showcased the beautiful interpretations of ‘French Masterpieces’ by nine local budding fashion designers at a grand finale runway show held at the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. After a 7 month of battle out, its finally come to the finale that the winner will be send over to Paris as an internship for a famous Fashion house there.

This is surely one of a great priceless prize to be won.

Kronenbourg (1)

 Kronenbourg 1664 of course is one of the exclusive beer for the night.

Kronenbourg (2)

As its finale, you can see all the work from the students are being display outside the ballroom area.

Kronenbourg (3)

Kronenbourg (4)

Kronenbourg (5)

The whole area are beautifully decorated with French theme and love the Eiffel tower as the Beer tower.

Kronenbourg (6)

 The final contestant for the night that will be on the runway. . .

Kronenbourg (7)

Kronenbourg (8)

Kronenbourg (9)

Cant wait for it to start as all of us are ready and being glued to our seats.

Kronenbourg (10)

Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, Henrik Juel Andersen setting off with his message.

Kronenbourg (11)

And here you go for all the contestant work . .

Kronenbourg (12)

 Contestant 1

Kronenbourg (13)

 Contestant 2

Kronenbourg (14)

Kronenbourg (15)

 contestant 3 as I love the direction of this creation, something classic that potray the 50’s of Paris yet something is acceptable to me ..

Kronenbourg (16)

Kronenbourg (17)

Kronenbourg (18)

Contestant 4 is one of the line that wow some of the girls. As its classy black with some lace that they think they don mind wearing it out for functions.

Kronenbourg (19)

Kronenbourg (20)

Kronenbourg (21)

 Then there is an interval , as at that time, I wanted to leave yet the first 3 contestant fashion is pretty good and I have decided to stay on to look for the rest. Could not wait for the next half.

Kronenbourg (22)

 Contestant 4

Kronenbourg (23)

Kronenbourg (24)

Kronenbourg (25)

 Contestant 5

Kronenbourg (26)

Kronenbourg (27)

 Contestant 6

Kronenbourg (28)

Kronenbourg (29)


Kronenbourg (30)

 Contestant 7

Kronenbourg (31)

Kronenbourg (32)

 Contestant 8

Kronenbourg (33)

Kronenbourg (34)

After a 7 month long of effort, from entry submission, public voting, short-listing of 20 finalists, design conceptualization, creating the outfit, to fitting, hairdo and choosing their models for the runway, Ellie Lim Mei Li emerged as winner and won a 3-month internship with the world acclaimed fashion designer Nicolas Georgiou in London, recommended by the Patron of Kronenbourg 1664 L’Aperitif Fashion Datuk Prof. Dr. Jimmy Choo, O.B.E.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!



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