When I first discover La Bodega, was when I started working in KL or when Pavillion just open its door to public. It was that moment when I tried it out when I hit my sales target at that time. Now La Bodega brand is no stranger to many and they have expended their wings out from Klang Valley to Melacca.

Today’s they are operating in this new shopping mall known as The Shore Shopping Gallery and its hard for you to miss them as they are located at one of the main entrance with this bright yellow wall that capture your attention.

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La Bodega is a Spanish-style Tapas Bar serving an extensive menu of traditional Spanish cuisine and a wide array of fine wines and spirits. The first La Bodega has been serving the Kuala Lumpur restaurant scene since 1999.

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Knowing that Paella is a signature dish when you dine at Spanish joint whereby the actual meaning is wopmen gets a day off while men are preparing this massive dish. Calasparra, a low-starch and short-grain rice, is the best rice to cook paella because it is fluffy and can absorb the flavorful gravy very well.

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For this Sunday Pintxos and Paella fiesta – you only order what you want! There are 30 different types of pintxos to pick from, prices start from RM 4.25/each for pintxos and RM 21.20 for the paella.

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Pintxos is a common Spanish snack that typically eaten in bars, with small slice of bread topped with mixture of ingredients and skewered with a toothpick that are serve in a small portion.  Below are mouth watering pintxos.

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A listing of the Sunday Pintxos that we had that afternoon is as below, so be sure to try out your favourite the next time you’re at La Bodega, The Shore Shopping Gallery Melaka
1- Ensaladilla with anchovies
2- Atun tataki with gazpacho ( Trampo )
3- Trampo boquerones
4- Mini cheese burger
5- Manchego cheese with tomato
6- Tortilla with piquillo alioli & roasted capsicum
7- Beef cheek with milk alioli
8- Chicken sausage with mustard & onion fried
9- Red tuna with red onion, wasabi, kikkoman & egg
10- Foie gras with apple
11- Soup honeydew with jamon duck
12- Lamb meetballs with tomato sauce
13- Smoke salmon with philadelphia cheese
14- Chicken yakitori with pesto
15- Grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant with piquillo peppers
16- Button mushroom with cheese
17- Cocktail prawns
18- Chipirones with quail eggs
19- Bacalao with caviar cherry tomato
20- Pate with jamon duck
21- Cold cuts with grated tomato & toasted bread

Only available at The Shore Malacca as well as Bangsar Telawi 2 outlet.


La Bodega, The Shore Shopping Gallery Malacca
Lot GF-09, The Shore Shopping Gallery
No 193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka, Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka
Tel : 606-284 2288
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mylabodega


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