Hennessy celebrated the inauguration of Hennessy Very Special (Hennessy V.S) in Malaysia with an exclusive launch party at Mantra Bar KL. Love the new set up of their brand image for this bottle as it does look more chic and hip yet elegant as this bottle was previously available in United States only.

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Matra bar is also well known to many bar goers where it sits right on top of Bangsar Village that gives a nice view over Bangsar.

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Portraying Hennessy V.S’s youthful spirit, the party was hosted by Jin Hackman, founder of Malaysia’s very own indie hip-hop collective, who talked the crowd through the unique and vibrant new cognac.

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Introducing Hennessy Very Special to guests, four distinct long drinks were served throughout the night which highlighted the cognacs nuanced yet intensely expressive flavour:


Hennessy (7)

A Very Special Sazerac
Hennessy V.S, Sugar, Atomized Absinthe

Hennessy (8)


Hennessy (9)

Hennessy V.S Ginger Fizz
Hennessy V.S, Ginger, Lime, Mint

Hennessy (10)

Hennessy V.S Citrus
Hennessy V.S, Coca Cola, Lime

Hennessy (12)

The launch party continued with yet another amazing performance, this time from up and coming singer songwriter, NYK, who recently performed at Good Vibes Festival. Although new to the scene, NYK amazed guests with his distinct sound and soulful voice as he performed a variation of both original songs and his own unique take on current hits.  Ending the night on a high, DJ Jhin

Hennessy (13)

A Very Special Sour
Hennessy V.S, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Rosemary

Hennessy (11)

TASTING NOTES                                

The Power of Blending
On the nose, Hennessy Very Special brings together an intense and fruity character with pleasant oaky notes. In the mouth, powerful flavours evoke grilled almonds, supported by the fresh, lively notes of the grapes.

This will certainly be in my next aim to add into my collection. Much more easy to drink and love the profile of this, and especially the beauty of the bottle.


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