#Throwback some of my memory last year where this outlet still emerge one of a better food that I have come across for serving breakfast or brunch. This brand Le Pain Quotidien (PQ) is founded in Brussels nearly 25 years ago, the Le Pain Quotidien brand of bakery-restaurants has spread its wing across the globe, from New York to London, Mexico City to Mumbai to Moscow, Istanbul to Tokyo to Sydney.

PQ (1)

Been walking pass this outlet a few times and constantly it is pack till our final day for the trip we head here to try out their food.

PQ (2)

PQ (3)

Love the outlet interior with its wooden concept that gives the feel like a home bakery and no doubt that they have great range of french patisserie and also delicious looking good desserts.

PQ (4)

PQ (5)

PQ (6)

PQ (7)

They are also well known with their jam that I bought 2 flavors back.

PQ (8)

PQ (9)

PQ (10)

As you are seated, you will be serve with complimentary bread with a sampling of spreads of their best seller jam.

PQ (11)

PQ (12)

PQ (13)

PQ (14)

PQ (15)

PQ (16)

PQ (17)

PQ (18)

PQ (19)

PQ (20)

PQ (21)

PQ (23)

PQ (24)

With the huge crazy bunch of foodie from both Malaysia and Singapore, this are the food damages that we have done. Nearly ordered 70% of the menu and I must say the food here is near to perfection that every single dish that is serve out not only on time but also on perfection of taste. Hard to find any error in there and service standard here is a whole new level if were to compare to Malaysia.

I would certainly recommend this place for brunch or lunch as they do serve great food. 


Le Pain Quotidien
Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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